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How to Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes or Less

Do you need to clean your bathroom quickly? This article will tell you how to clean your toilet, shower & sink in just 15 minutes!


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Making sure that your bathroom is clean and tidy is an important part of maintaining a hygienic household. Many people avoid cleaning their bathrooms because they see it as an arduous task that can take hours. However, with the right cleaning materials and methods, cleaning your bathroom won’t take long at all! This article will give you tips and hints to speed-clean your bathroom.

It’s best to deep clean your bathroom at least once a month – including mopping and scrubbing your tiles – to be sure your bathroom stays hygienic in the long run.

Supplies for Bathroom Cleaning

If you buy the right cleaning materials and place them in an easy-to-access place (usually under the sink), this will make the cleaning process quicker. Remember to assemble the following:

  • For surfaces, gather a disinfectant spray or multi-purpose cleaner like Jif Actifizz Ocean Fresh, paper towels, microfibre cloths, and disposable wipes or sponges.
  • For mirrors and glass, buy a non-streak glass cleaner.
  • For the toilet, get a toilet bowl disinfectant liquid and a toilet brush.
  • For the floor, gather a small broom and dustbin.

Remember that the bathroom is a prime location for germs to flourish, so it’s vital that you choose a cleaning product with powerful disinfectant properties – we like products by Jif. Regardless of the product you choose, however, it’s vital that you follow the instructions on the label closely, paying particular attention to the safety warnings. Wear gloves, and make sure the room is well ventilated.

Once you have all of your supplies, you’re ready to begin, so roll up your sleeves and read on!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Speed Cleaning Your Bathroom 

Having a clear procedure will help you when speed cleaning bathroom surfaces and fixtures. While the order of cleaning may vary from bathroom to bathroom, these instructions will give you a general idea of how to move about and stagger tasks effectively. You should be done in 15 minutes!

  1. Tackle the toilet. Apply toilet cleaner on the inner rim of your toilet bowl, so it drips down to the center. Let it sit. In the meantime take a disposable cleaning wipe and wipe down the top and bottom of the toilet seat and the base and tank of the toilet (you can also use a cleaning product and a paper towel). Throw the towel or wipe in the bin. TIME: two minutes.
  2. Clean the washbasin. Quickly rinse your hands with soap and water. Put any toothbrushes or stray items in the cabinet. Take your disinfectant spray and apply liberally to the sink, faucet and sides. Wipe any debris with your cloth, paper towel, or sponge. Grab the glass cleaner, spray and wipe down the mirror with a paper towel. TIME: one to two minutes.
  3. Turn to the shower or bathtub. Spray down the walls and floor of the shower with disinfectant spray. Scrub any particularly dirty parts and use the water from your showerhead or faucet to rinse out the area. TIME: four minutes.
  4. Finishing up. Use a disposable wipe or paper towel to clean the showerhead and faucet, and then use this to clean the toilet handle. Look at the toilet – if there are any stains, then use the toilet brush to scrub them away. Flush the toilet, ensuring that the toilet cleaner finishes its job. TIME: less than one minute.
  5. Cleaning the floor and emptying the bin. For a quick clean, use a broom to sweep your bathroom floor. Empty the bin and add a fresh bag, and use the broom to sweep the floor free of hair, dust, and dirt in the direction of the door. Sweep the dirt into the bin bag and remove from the bathroom. TIME: three to five minutes.
  6. Take one final look at the bathroom, ensuring that there are towels, hand soap, and toilet paper. Place your cleaning materials back under the sink.
  7. Now you have finished cleaning the bathroom in less than 15 minutes!

Remember to use a different cloth for the toilet bowl and washbasin, and to open a window if possible to minimize the inhalation of fumes. Once you’re done, you can use the time you’ve saved by speed cleaning the bathroom to relax!

  • Use cleaning products designed to clean specific areas of the bathroom, like Jif Bathroom Spray, for the quickest and most effective results.
  • Always follow the safety instructions on any cleaning product, even when speed cleaning!
  • As a finishing touch, make sure your bathroom is stocked with hand soap, toilet roll, and clean towels.
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