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Parents-to-be? Baby shower ideas for a perfect party

Organising a baby shower? Shake, rattle, and roll with these baby shower party ideas!


some nappies, a ball and a teddy bear against a blue background

Key Steps

  • Co-ed parties allow everyone to celebrate together.

  • Write down what activities you want to do.

  • Plan out what to buy and make.

  • Choose game ideas like ‘guess the baby’ to ‘what’s in the nappy?’.

  • Make your own decorations to save money.

Having a baby is a special moment and there is nothing better than celebrating the occasion with a fun and memorable baby shower party. Of course, parents-to-be often have other things on their mind than planning a party. Try our tips for planning a baby showerbelow to get help with decoration and games ideas when giving your new baby a big welcome. 

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What happens at a baby shower?

This all depends on the type of baby shower you want to host. All baby showers are designed to be a fun celebration of your pregnancy as well as a time for friends and family to offer advice and help to soon-to-be parents. Traditional showers include themed games, food, and drink. Most guests will bring a gift to a baby shower but it’s up to you if you provide a gift list or make any direct requests for particular items.

Planning a baby shower: Checklist

Whether you are organising a baby showerfor yourself or a friend or family member, it’ll take a bit of work. Use our checklist to help you plan timings and activities to fit everything in:

  • Decide on the guest list and find a venue suitable for this many people. Remember: baby showers don’t have to be a girls-only event; dads and male friends can join too!

  • Set a date and time. Weekends are popular but may require you to book further in advance. You should allow at least 2-3 hours for the party to fit everything in.

  • Assign times for each activity. Remember to schedule breaks so people can eat and chat. Also, you can choose to open the presents in front of everyone, which can be a fun activity as well. 

  • Make a shopping list.This should include:

  1. Food: buffet-style feasts work best for this type of event. Remember to check the dietary requirements of the guests in advance and provide food that caters to all.

  2. Cakes: decorate them with baby themes to give everyone a sweet treat.

  3. Decorations: choose colours to indicate the sex of the baby or go for a gender-neutral look if you don’t know yet!

Baby shower games: Two fun activities to do with your guests

Stuck for baby shower gamesto get everyone enjoying themselves? These two simple ideas are a great way to get everyone involved:

  1.  “Who’s that baby?”.Ask your guests to send over a snap of them as a baby and create a guess the baby sheet. Print the photos on a sheet of paper for each guest with a line beneath the photos to write who they think it is. Provide pens, set a time limit, and offer a prize to the winner. Go through the answers as a group for more fun.

  2. “Bobbing for dummies” This is super easy as all you need is a large bowl of water and some dummies! Ask guests to pick out a dummy using their mouth with their hands behind their backs and attach a trivia question or numbered prize to each one!

Baby shower decoration ideas: Three tops tips for baby shower décor

Organising a baby showerdoesn’t need to be hard or expensive! Here are our top three ideas for how to decorate when you’re hosting a baby shower at home.

1. Baby themed decorations are best!

There are a number of themes you could try including:

  • Nappies

  • Baby bottles

  • Dummies

  • Bibs

  • Little footprints

  • Baby rattles  

2. Make your own decorations to save money.

Why not try some of these ideas:

  • Cutting coloured paper into the above shapes and sticking them onto doors, windows, homemade bunting, or string (to form hanging decorations).

  • Use yarn to create cheap yet pretty pom poms.

  • Use the food and cakes as part of the décor by cutting them into baby shapes or decorating them with baby themes.

3. Choose your colour.

When it comes to decorating for your baby shower, consider which colour works best for you. 

  • Some people opt for colours to indicate the baby’s sex; for example, blue or pink.

  • For a baby due after the loss of another, a rainbow colour theme would work well.

  • Neutral yellows, creams, light green and white are great for baby showers where the sex of the baby is unknown.

With our baby shower ideas, organising a baby showeris a simple and fun activity. With a variety of decoration tips and ideas for baby shower games, you’ll be able to pull off the best baby shower for you, your friend, or family member!

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