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How to save money and budget for your family

Read on to discover how to save money with 8 simple changes at home.


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Key steps

  • Plan!

  • Write up a meal plan.

  • Use your meal plan to make a shopping list.

  • Only buy what you need.

  • Don’t be afraid of supermarket own brands.

  • Buy reusable items like nappies and sanitary products to save money long term.

  • Read our article on energy saving tips for more tips and to save money.

Budgeting is a powerful strategy if you wish to save money. From tracking your family expenses to controlling spending on food, there are a few actions that can help you start saving money. Here we’ll show you how to save money in 8 simple steps.

Make sure you plan ahead for everything. Set a budget at the beginning of the month to cover bills, food, travel and more before setting aside money to save.

What is a budget?

Before we share with you our money saving tips, it’s important you know what a budget is. A budget is a plan to allocate money for different aspects of life. It’s best to set yourself a budget at the beginning of the month, putting aside the amount you need for bills and deciding how to allocate the remaining balance. For example, consider food, travel and other things you may need to pay for during the month. Once you‘ve separated your money you will be able to put a little to one side for savings each month.

How to start saving money: 8 simple ways to save money at home

If you’re looking for the best way to save money, our 8 simple tips and tricks will help you start doing so today!

  1. Plan ahead. When it comes to ways to save money planning is key! This is a great step in starting to understand how to make a budget. The tips below will help (and we’ll go into further detail for some of them)

    • Plan your food to budget your shopping and reduce waste.

    • Plan ahead for bills you need to pay out each month.

    • Plan your shopping and only buy what you need.

    • Plan as far in advance as possible if you have upcoming events. 

  2. Create a meal plan. Knowing what you’re going to be eating on each day will not only help you save money on your shopping but will reduce your food waste too, saving money on replacing wasted food.

  3. Use your meal plan for shopping. Making a shopping list with your meal plan will ensure that your trip to the supermarket is not only budget friendly but minimises waste. By creating a shopping list, you’ll only buy what you need.

  4. Take a picnic. Did you know that one of the worst culprits for costing you a fortune is buying food and drinks when you’re out? Whether it’s sending a packed lunch to work or school, or taking a picnic for days out, save yourself some money by taking food with you instead of buying it.

  5. Open a second bank account. Make sure you know what needs to be paid out and when, and consider having a separate bank account exclusively for paying bills. This will help you keep the money segregated. It will also help you know exactly what you have to spend on other things throughout the month.

  6. Reduce, reuse and recycle. A great way to save money is by making sure you’re efficient with your waste. For example:

    • Reuse old mason jars as a makeup brush holder.

    • Upcycle old brown paper as wrapping paper.

    • Reduce single-use plastic by buying loose vegetables.

    • Make sure you plan meals to reduce food wastage.

  7. Saving energy will save you money. Do you find your energy bills are expensive and taking up a chunk of your income? Not only is it good for your pocket, saving energy is also good for the environment! Read more with our article on everyday tips to go green.

  8. Plan ahead for upcoming events and things that may cost a big chunk of your wages. Save a little each month to take the sting out of it and have the money ready for when you need it. Examples of things you may need to save for include:

    • Your children need new school uniforms in the summer.

    • You have a birthday coming up in a month for a friend or family member and want to buy a card and gift.

    • You need a new dress for an upcoming wedding. 

With our money saving tips, you now have 8 top tips and tricks to not only budget your money, but save some too!

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