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Ramadan for kids: activities for the holy month

Use our top tips for Ramadan preparation to make it fun and engaging for kids. Try our Ramadan activities for kids and enjoy the holy month together.


preparation for the Holy Month

Key steps 

Remember our top tips to make Ramadan for kidsfun:

  1. Plan Ramadan activities for kidsin advance.
  2. Keep it fun and educational – add Ramadan facts where you can!
  3. Involve kids in decorating and cleaning the house to help build their excitement.
  4. Clean in advance of Ramadan so you’re not playing catch-up.
  5. Enjoy yourself!

Children love having fun and learning, so when you can come up with interesting activities for Ramadan everyone wins! Make it part of your Ramadan preparationeach year and the kids will have fun whilst learning about Islam.

For kids, it’s important to feel engaged, and we’re here to help you choose a number of enjoyable things to do.

Take your time preparing plenty of things to do during Ramadan in advance. The more activities you have up your sleeve, the more fun Ramadan for kids will be. Theme each activity so that your kids are always learning whilst having fun during the holy month.

Ramadan activities for kids

We’ve picked out our top Ramadan activities for kidsfor you to try at home. Try and mix in Ramadan facts for kidsalong the way to make it a fun, learning experience for your little ones. Whether you’re doing Ramadan crafts, cooking or reading, there’s so much to do. 

Create a Ramadan calendar for kids

A kids Ramadan calendaris a great way of building excitement. Fill each day with verses, sweets and anything else that they’ll look forward to. 

Bake something to share

Getting little ones involved in the kitchen is always fun, and sharing the goodies amongst family, friends and neighbours is a big part of Ramadan. Why not try moon and star-shaped cookies to celebrate breaking your fast each time the sun sets during Ramadan.

Celebrate Ramadan for kidsby reading with them

In addition to teaching kids about the Qur’an, there are plenty of informative and entertaining children’s Ramadan books out there too. It’s a lovely way to spend the last few minutes before bedtime or just when you’re having a little quiet time.

Make decorations together

Ramadan crafts for kidsare the perfect way to combine learning with enjoyment. Spend some time crafting decorations for the holy month and get the kids involved in putting them up. In terms of mixing in Ramadan information for kids, teach them the symbolism of each decoration – they’ll be far more engaged when they’re involved in the process.You can also check out our tips on fun recycling for kids to get inspired! 

Ramadan cleaning tips

While Ramadan is a time of celebration for both adults and children, there is always plenty of cleaning that needs to be done afterwards! 

Use our top tips to make things easier:

  • Clean in advance. Give your home a really good clean before Ramadan begins. That way it’ll be easier to keep it clean as you go!
  • Clean in the morning. Later in the day you’ll need to focus on cooking, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying yourself. Make an early start so you don’t have any unnecessary stress later on.
  • Get the kids involved. They’ll love the activities, and when you’ve got them engaged it’ll be much easier to get them to help with the tidying up. 
  • Be prepared and clean as you go. Put down protective sheets before starting any messy Ramadan activities for kids.This applies to anything involving colourful paints to sticky food! 

Making Ramadan fun for the kids is all about coming up with interesting activities. Now that you’ve got a plan and some suggestions for engaging things to do, you can start your Ramadan preparation. Use our ideas for inspiration and have fun yourself! For more Ramadan preparation tips, read on this article. 

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