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The ultimate guide for newborn baby essentials

Discover the baby essentials to buy for at home and when you’re out and about with a newborn in our handy baby checklist.


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With a little one on the way, it can seem like there’s a million and one things to do. From getting the nursery ready to deciding on your birth plan, there’s plenty running through your mind – and that’s before you start to list all the baby things to buy before birth!

Luckily, we’re here to help you figure out the most essential things a newborn baby needs. Read on for our ultimate baby checklist.

Keep on top of your spending by creating a budget for baby essentials before you hit the shops. Don’t forget to add kind-to-skin laundry products to your shopping list – we like OMO Sensitive.

Newborn baby needs: checklist

The easiest way to plan what to buy for your baby is to split your shopping list into smaller groups. You can either do this by activity (i.e. feeding, sleeping, playing) or by location (i.e. in the house, out and about). We’ve compiled our newborn baby shopping list by location.

Newborn essentials for the home

Setting up the nursery is such an exciting part of getting ready for your new arrival, but it can feel daunting. After all, the list of things you need for a new baby nursery seems endless! Split it into a few smaller groups to make it easier for you:

  • Furniture: Moses basket and/or cot plus bedding and mattress. Wardrobe or chest of drawers for all their clothes and storage box for toys.

  • Accessories: baby monitor, mobile for their cot, and a soft toy to hug at night. Make sure it is safe for newborns and has nothing that could cause harm to them.

  • Feeding equipment: muslin squares and bibs. Bottles, brushes and steam steriliser if formula feeding and breast pads, breast pump and nursing bras if breastfeeding.

  • Changing equipment: mat, diapers (disposable or reusable), diaper creams, and baby wipes.

  • Bathing equipment: baby bath, gentle soap and shampoo, soft towels and wash cloths.

On top of these baby essentials, you’ll also want to stock up on clothes for your little one!

The five most important clothing items to add to your newborn shopping list are:

  1. Babygrows and vests: long- and short-sleeved. Baby will live in these for their first few days so make sure you have lots of them.

  2. Scratch mittens: to stop their little nails from scratching their delicate skin.

  3. Bootees: to keep feet warm but not restricted.

  4. Jerseys, jackets and hats: to keep them warm and protected from all weathers.

  5. Bibs, bibs, and more bibs: to protect their clothes from messy eating.

Don’t forget to add a kind-to-skin laundry detergent, like dermatologically tested OMO Sensitive, to your newborn baby shopping list either. You should wash baby clothes before their first wear and after each use to keep them clean and soft.

Newborn baby essentials for out and about

Now that you know what to keep at home for your little one, it’s time to look at what baby essentials are needed when you venture outside. These can be split into the following groups:

  • Travel equipment: pram, car seat, buggy. Make sure you know how to use them properly and always ensure your baby is safely secured before setting off.

  • Changing bag: pack with plenty of diapers, wipes, muslin squares, diaper cream and a spare pair of clothes – for baby and for you!

  • Feeding equipment: muslin squares, bibs and enough bottles to last your trip. It’s best to prepare formula only when you need it but if you need to plan ahead then you can store cooled, boiled water in sealed baby bottles and ask a café or restaurant to heat it for you when required. Then just add in the formula. If breastfeeding, you may still want to take your pump with you or express milk in advance in case you need someone else to take over feeding your baby while out.

Use our checklist before baby arrives to start shopping for all the newborn baby essentials you’ll need inside and outside the home. Preparing for your little one’s arrival is a wonderful part of pregnancy, so really embrace the experience and enjoy yourself. And if you’re approaching the end of your pregnancy and preparing for labour then read our guide on what to pack in hospital bag for baby and mom

  • Use our checklist before baby arrives to make a list of everything you need.

  • Buy the most important items first – like a Moses basket and car seat.

  • Research bigger items like prams and car seats to find one that’s right for you.

  • Throw a baby shower and ask guests to get a few essentials for you to help out.

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