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How To Clean Keyboard Parts The Right Way: 5 tips

Find the best ways to clean keyboard keys with our 5 keyboard cleaner secrets.


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Cleaning electrical equipment requires a specialist approach, and computer keyboards are no different. Fortunately, with a little effort and some knowledge of how to clean keyboard parts, you can get those keys back to their shiny best in no time.

If you don’t have a computer keyboard cleaner at hand then try blowing compressed air into the keys or hold it upside down and give gravity the chance to remove loose grime and dirt for you.

How to clean mechanical keyboard parts with compressed air

Compressed air is a simple yet effective computer keyboard cleaner. A good blast of compressed air should be powerful enough to blow away any dust particles and debris that have worked their way into the gaps between keys.

How to clean laptop keyboard keys with a microfiber cloth

A microfiber cloth should certainly be part of any good keyboard cleaner kit. They attract dust and dirt much better than normal cloths, and when used on a weekly basis can help keep your keyboard grime-free.

Safety Warning

Make sure your keyboard is unplugged before you begin cleaning it and never use water or cleaning fluids. Water and electrics do not mix.

How to clean a wireless keyboard with a mini vacuum

Sometimes you need a little extra power to get into all the spaces between keys, especially when they’re really tight on a wireless keyboard. Simply take your mini vacuum and run it all over the keys to lift away debris. Never use your house vacuum cleaner as it may be too powerful and actually lift off the keys.

How to clean keyboard spills

Sometimes accidents happen and liquid gets spilled onto keyboards. Acting quickly is key to making sure that this doesn’t become a problem. Take the following steps:

  • Soak up as much of the spill as possible with a towel.

  • Turn the keyboard upside down and let it air dry for 24 hours.

  • Check for sticky keys and clean as necessary.

Get rid of stickiness with an alcohol-based keyboard cleaner

Whether your keys have become sticky because of a spillage or it’s just built up over time, isopropyl alcohol is considered the best way to clean keyboard keys that have become overly tacky.

  • Dip a lint-free cloth or cotton bud in the solution.

  • Wipe sticky areas.

  • If the keys can be safely and easily removed, then you can even wipe underneath. Just remember to arrange them in the order they need to be refitted so they don’t end up in the wrong place!

Now that you know how to clean keyboard keys on mechanical, wireless, and laptop keyboards you’ll be able to keep them at their best.

Key steps

Follow our key steps for the best way to clean keyboard keys:

  1. Turn off the computer power and disconnect your keyboard if it’s plugged in.

  2. Turn your keyboard upside down to remove loose debris.

  3. Wipe, vacuum, blow or scrub the dirt away for a deep clean.

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