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Cable management ideas

Read on to discover top tips for cable management ideas to keep them tidy and organised.


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Key Steps

  • Store rarely used wires in storage boxes, and tie individually with cord ties.
  • Run TV wires through the wall by cutting holes in the drywall.
  • Consider buying a cable management kit.
  • Make your own kit using items like clothes pegs and foam pipe insulation.
  • Label your wires to keep them organised.

TVs, appliances, lamps, chargers: cables are all over the place in the home and it can look messy sometimes. This article will go through some simple cable management ideas to ensure that you keep your wires tidy and organised at all times.

Check the regulations in your area regarding running power cables through the wall and consider adding an outlet behind your TV if you cannot run the power through the wall.

Cable management: how to hide TV wires and other appliance cables

If you’ve read our article on organising your home using the Marie Kondo method, you may now have the bug for decluttering your home. With these top ideas, we’ll show you how to hide cables and keep them tidy and organised. 

  1. For wires or cables you don’t need regularly, or only have as spares, keep them tidy by rolling them and tying them up with cable ties. Store them in a box with a lid ready for when you need them. 
  2. Fitted a new TV on a wall and have some unsightly wires hanging down? Here’s how to hide wires on wallareas:
    • Use a stud finder to identify open spaces in the wall.
    • Cut a hole in the drywall behind where your TV is hung.
    • Cut another hole at the bottom of the wall near your entertainment centre or unit containing consoles and other gadgets you may want to plug into your TV.
  3. Run the wires through the hole behind your TV down to your entertainment centre.
  4. Consider searching online for cable management kits. Often these come with clips, holders, sleeves and storage boxes. 
  5. Alternatively, you can create your own homemade options such as clothes pegs and foam pipe insulation.
  6. Label all your wires. To keep your wires and cables from becoming mixed up, label each one at the TV and/or socket. That way, if you need to check the connection or turn off the plug you know exactly which one you’re looking for. 

With this guide we have shown you how to hide TV cables and keep your wires and cables organised. For more advice, check out our article on how to tidy up your desk.

Safety tip!

Never use an extension cable to put too many plugs into one socket as this can put too much strain on your electricity supply risking a blown fuse or even a fire.

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