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Feng Shui tips to transform your home

Follow these feng shui tips so that you can enjoy a harmonious and balanced house that promotes wellbeing.


feng shui tips

You may have heard the term ‘feng shui’ a lot but are not sure what it means or how it can transform your home. The guiding principles behind feng shui are balance, positive energy and flow. Here are some feng shui tips to add balance and harmony to your bedroom and living room.

Colour plays a vital role in feng shui. Red, for example, is said to attract wealth. Natural woods and greens are good for health. Yellow is for happiness. But the effectiveness of these colours depends on where they are placed in the home, so it’s best to research and choose your colours wisely.

Feng Shui meaning

The literal translation of Feng Shui is “wind” (Feng) and “Water” (Shui). It’s an ancient Chinese, Taoist philosophy that is all about maintaining a positive flow of energy and a balance in the home to improve wellness, health and wealth. All elements in the house should be arranged in a way that promotes harmony.

Central to feng shui is the concept of ‘the Chi’ or ‘flow’. Each room should encourage a good flow, which means that spaces should be easy to move around without resistance, clutter or misplaced furniture that will make you stub your toe! If you imagine wind-water flowing through your house, how easily would it be able move and flow through your rooms?

Feng Shui Bedroom

The secret to the feng shui bedroom is a room that is harmonious and peaceful. There are some simple guidelines for enhancing wellness such as:

  • Closing all doors at night including wardrobes and drawers to keep good energy in the room

  • Open windows or use an air purifier to allow fresh air to flow through the room

  • Remove all electronic devices from the bedroom to create a feeling of calm

  • Create symmetry by each bed, with a bedside table next to each side

  • The bedroom should not be placed directly in front of a door

  • Creating soothing aromas in the bedroom by lighting scented candles and using fabric softener to wash your sheets

Feng Shui living room

A feng shui living room is all about having lots of natural light and decluttered spaces. Here are some guidelines for optimising the feng shui in your living room.

  • Plenty of natural light: good energy thrives off lots of natural light, so a feng shui living room should have at least two exterior walls

  • Spaciousness: no matter what the size of your home, your living room should feel as if it has enough space to accommodate everyone in the household

  • Keep furniture out of walkways: keep pathways clear so you don’t bump into a chair or stub your toe on furniture

  • Place sofas against a wall: to give you a sense of security and support, sofas are best placed against a wall

  • Round edges: circular edges are considered luckier and more harmonious than rectangular ones

A feng shui home maintains a balance and positive energy between all the rooms in the house. If your house makes you feel calm, then chances are your house already has good feng shui.

  • Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is about maintaining wellness and balance

  • A feng shui house maintains a good flow of positive energy

  • Lots of light and good ventilation is vital for a feng shui home

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