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Home cleaning hacks and tips

Simplify your cleaning workload. Learn some cleaning tips and life hacks for home and enjoy extra free time for you.


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It’s lovely to have a clean home, with the bathroom shining, worktops hygienic and dishes all washed up and put away. However, achieving the clean home we want can feel tricky with a busy life and lots of other things to do. That’s why we’ve collected together some cleaning tips and life hacks for home, with the aim of simplifying your cleaning workload – and who doesn’t want that!

For a handmade cleaning solution to remove stains from chopping boards and tea-cups or coffee mugs, use sea salt mixed with a small amount of lemon juice and scrub. Also, try baking soda and water made into a paste.

Cleaning hacks are best without bleach – here’s why

Bleach is still seen as a must have for cleaning the home, but you can save time by using other products and methods.

  • Using bleach for cleaning your toilet can be a short-term gain for long-term pain. While the toilet bowl no doubt looks clean after a dose of bleach, it does not have the ability to lift soil from a surface. Bleach can dissolve fat molecules but needs a detergent to bind and remove the soil.

  • Organic stains are just dirt such as drink or food which have stuck in the tiny cracks of a surface. Bleach is not necessary to keep surfaces gleaming. Allowing a detergent such as a Jif product, or even water to sit on the surface for a while and then wiping away, can release the stain.

  • As bleach is freely sold in supermarkets, it is understandably assumed to be safe, but actually it can cause eye damage and skin burns. It can also burn the respiratory system if inhaled. Mixing bleach with other cleaning formulas such as acid-based toilet cleaner can make a dangerous chlorine gas. So, if you choose to use bleach, be sure to look up safety advice first.

  • Is bleach needed to eliminate germs? Surprisingly, the ability of bleach to eliminate bacteria depends on a surface first being cleaned and rinsed, then bleach needs to be in contact with the surface for at least five minutes. Take away the dirt and achieve hygienically clean surfaces by using a detergent instead.

What bleach alternatives make great home hacks?

  • The Jif product range provides cleaning power for every task in every part of the home, getting the job done quickly and easily. It allows you to clean all sorts of items from scuffs on trainers to grubby marks on walls.

  • Natural, handmade solutions with ingredients from your kitchen cupboards can make great household hacks. Try reading blogs all about naturally inspired-living that detail natural cleaning recipes and herbal formulas for green cleaning.

  • Created with fresh lemon extracts to cut through grime and grease, Lux Sunlight utilizes the power of natural ingredients, meaning it’ll help you cut down time spent on dirty dishes.

There you have it, plenty of home cleaning tips to implement or research to help you get the clean home you want in less time. What will you do with the extra time? Enjoy!

  • Bleach is not the dream cleaning solution you may think – read on to see popular bleach myths busted.

  • Lemons and other natural products are key ingredients in Lux Sunlight’s degreasing power. Using this can maximise results, and therefore minimise washing up time.

  • Cut down cleaning time with Jif to get kitchens, bathrooms and even trainers bright and shining.

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