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Housekeeping Checklist

Looking for a way to stay on top of your cleaning? Our housekeeping schedule will help you tidy your home quickly and easily every week.


house cleaning schedule

When it comes to cleaning your home, a housekeeping checklist is a great way to make things easier and get the job done quicker. If you don’t use a cleaning checklist, it’s easy to get side-tracked and start doing other chores as you go along, and then you’ll soon lose track of what’s been cleaned in the week and what hasn’t. To help you keep focused, follow these housekeeping tips to put together a checklist that works for you:

Work your way through each room, ticking off the tasks on your housekeeping checklist as you go. This breaks your cleaning into manageable chunks and makes it easier to delegate jobs.

Daily Housekeeping Schedule

By keeping on top of your cleaning on a daily basis, you’ll be well on your way to a neater, more organised home. Here’s what you should be doing every day:

  • Make the beds – It doesn’t take long and it makes a huge difference to how your bedroom looks, so straighten out your sheets every morning.

  • Do the dishes – If you’re using a dishwasher, empty all of the clean dishes and fill it with the ones you use throughout the day, keeping your surfaces clutter-free. If you wash-up by hand, try and do it after you’ve eaten in the evening or first thing in the morning.

  • Sweep the kitchen – Make sweeping the kitchen part of your housekeeping checklist to prevent germs and bacteria from growing from bits of dropped food.

  • Wipe kitchen worktops – Wipe down kitchen worktops with an antibacterial spray and clean the sink using a suitable cleaner, such as Jif Cream Lemon Surface Cleaner. Just remember to test products on a small area before using and always read the label.

  • Tidy clothes – Put all the dirty clothing lying around in the laundry and put all the clean ones back where they belong. It’s a simple task, but it’ll make a big difference!

  • Vacuum – You don’t have to vacuum everywhere but it is a good idea to quickly clean those areas you spend a lot of time in or that get dirty quickly.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Weekly tasks can take up more of your time or pile up easily if you’re not organised. These weekly housekeeping tips will help you to stay on top of the bigger tasks in your home, helping you to tidy from top to bottom without getting stressed:

  1. Vacuum all areas – Make sure you’re doing a thorough vacuum of your whole home every week. It may take some time but it’s worth it! If you don’t, dust and dirt will build up quickly, leaving you with a very unclean home.

  2. Clean the bathroom – Not the nicest of jobs but certainly one that should be done at least once a week. Clean the toilet using either a toilet cleaner or bleach to clean out the inner bowl and scrubbing it with a toilet brush. Then, wipe over the sink, bath, and shower using a suitable cleaner and try white vinegar to tackle any smears on glass surfaces.

  3. Do the laundry – This depends on how many people you’ve got in your home but you should definitely be washing all of your dirty clothes at least once a week. Leave them for longer and the bacteria is going to build up pretty quickly!

  4. Empty the fridge – Before you go grocery shopping, take a look in your fridge and chuck out everything that’s past its use-by date or doesn’t look edible anymore. This’ll keep your fridge clean and clear space for your next lot of food.

Once you’re in a routine, it’s easy to keep on top of your housekeeping schedule. You’ll actually end up finding more time to relax once you’re on top of things, giving you more freedom to do what you want with your days. Just make sure you stick to what you’ve got to do, both for your daily and weekly housekeeping checklist, and you’ll have a clean and tidy home in no time.

  • Set up a spreadsheet or document on your computer and make your cleaning checklist digital! You can easily edit it, tick off weekly jobs, and share it with the other people who live in your home.

  • Keep your cupboard stocked with all the products you need, such as Cif Cream Cleaner, antibacterial spray, and vinegar.

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