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How to make scented candles at home

Candles help set the mood and keep your home smelling fresh. Learn how to make candles at home and start the creative hobby of candle making today!


How to make scented candles at home

What do you need to create homemade candles?

You may have a lot of these items at home already. If not – you’ll be able to easily order them online:

  • Soy wax

  • Wicks for candles

  • Essential oils – you could try palmarosa and geranium for a rose fragrance, or any combination that suits your tastes

  • Lots of suitable containers – perhaps jars, votives, teacups, jars – whatever you think is attractive and can stand heat.

  • A saucepan

  • A funnel

Smell is one of our strongest senses, with the ability to remind us of memories, energise us, or instil relaxation and calm. Why not think about the mood you’d like to create in your home, and research the scents that can help you achieve this? For example, patchouli is said to be energising while lavender is relaxing. Enjoy creating your own moods with handmade candles!

How to make scented candles at home:

We’ve put together tried and tested steps showing you how to make your own candles. Although the upfront costs are usually higher than buying a single scented candle, you’ll ultimately end up with more candles for your money, and scents tailored to your tastes. Remember to always take care when candle-making, as you’re using hot wax and flames. Allow yourself plenty of time, and enjoy the process!

  1. Fill your jars or containers with wax flakes, and put double that amount into a saucepan. Wax takes up less space when it melts. You should be able to create approximately four candles at a time using a small saucepan.

  2. Gently heat your wax on the stovetop over a low-medium flame. Be careful and watch it closely – it is possible for wax to catch fire if overheated. Stir the wax sometimes using a wooden spoon, to redistribute larger pieces.

  3. So your wax has melted. Allow it to cool down, and then drop in some essential oils. A starting point is twenty drops, in a batch of wax for four candles. Test your scents and concentrations first. Stir.

  4. Use a funnel to pour your wax into your jars or containers. Leave them to set.

  5. As the wax cools and turns opaque, place your wicks into the wax. Try again in a few moments if your wick falls over at the first go. Leave them overnight to fully set.

  6. Cut down your wicks, and feel proud of yourself because you’ve just made DIY candles! You could enjoy them immediately, or decorate the containers and give as gifts.

Congratulations, you now know how to make scented candles! Why not get started on your candle-making today, and create some candles to help your home feel homely and fresh, or to help you re-energise or relax? Enjoy!

  • Making candles is ultimately cheaper than buying scented candles.

  • Homemade candles make great gifts and would make lovely wedding favours – why not practice candle-making in time for your next special occasion?

  • If you’ve never learned how to make candles at home before, don’t worry, it’s fairly straightforward once you’ve practiced!

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