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KonMari method to inspire your daily cleaning

Read on to find top Marie Kondo tips and learn how to use her methods to declutter your home.


Konmari method

Key Steps

  • Categorise your belongings into Marie Kondo’s 5 sections.

  • Sort through each category and decide what stays and what goes.

  • Only keep items that ‘spark joy’ and serve a purpose in your life.

  • Recycle and donate items you are removing from your home where you can.

What is the KonMari method and how can it bring joy to your everyday life? This article will explain the Marie Kondo method and how to apply it to create a happy home.

To make the most of the Marie Kondo method, ensure every item you keep in your home ‘sparks joy’ as well as removing any double items.

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo (also known as KonMari) is a Japanese tidying expert who has become world-renowned for sharing her tips for organising your home and life. She has written 4 books on getting organised, as well as being the face of the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

What does the Marie Kondo method involve?

By following the KonMari method, the aim is not only a tidy, happy home, but also a calmer, more ‘joyful’ mind and life. Here are a few Marie Kondo tips:

  1. Divide up your possessions into five different areas.

    • Clothes

    • Books

    • Papers

    • Miscellaneous

    • Sentimental possessions.

  2. Next, work your way through each category systematically.

  3. Pick up each item. While holding it, decide if it ‘sparks joy’. Each item should hold sufficient value to justify its place in your house.

  4. Any items you find that do not ‘spark joy’ can be:

    • Thrown away

    • Recycled

    • Donated to charity.

  5. There are also Marie Kondo tips that focus on things to do before removing these items from your home. For example, she suggests you should thank an object for its service, while thinking about what it has brought to you during its time in your life.

  6. Further tips include the Marie Kondo folding method. A quick summary of this is below:

    • Place all your clothes in a central area.

    • Check each item, deciding if it should stay or go. As well as seeing if it ‘sparks joy’ you should check that things fit and are in a wearable condition.

    • f you’re not sure, put it in a ‘maybe’ pile to go back to later.

    • To fold, lay the item on a flat surface.

    • Smooth it to remove creases.

    • Fold in one third from the outside edges so they meet in the middle.

    • Fold the item 4 times, working from the bottom up.

    • This should give you a rectangle that can be stood up in a triangle shape.

    • Stand in your drawers with the folded edge at the top.

  7. For the best results, you should use the KonMari method to tidy and organise your home at least once a month to ensure you don’t slip back into old habits and clutter.

  8. For further advice, why not check out our other articles such as easy ways to declutter your home and how to tidy up your desk.

With this article you now have all the basics you need to start applying the Marie Kondo method to your home and bring joy and happiness to your life through getting organised.

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