How to Organise Your Life to Spend Less Time on Housework

The art of organised living needn’t be hard to master. Read on for simple tips on how to organise your life and spend less time on housework.

Updated 28 February 2023


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Our busy, modern day lives are filled with plans and activities, whether it’s ferrying the kids around or fitting in a spin class after work, so it can be hard to find time to do the housework.

The secret to an organised home is to know how to effectively manage your household chores so you don’t spend any more time cleaning than you need to – freeing up time for other, more relaxing activities.

So if you dream of spending less time on housework, read on to find out how to organise your life and stay on top of the household chores!

Make it a rule in your house to always put things back exactly where they belong. It’s amazing how messy a home can look just because people haven’t put things away! If everyone in your household does this, then they’ll be a lot less tidying to do if any surprise visitors turn up!

How to Stay Organised & Keep on Top of the Housework

As well as our key points for organised living, we’ve got some simple dos and don’ts on how to organise your home life so that you have time for work and play.

Don’t try to do everything on your own

If you find yourself asking “how can I organise my life?”, then first of all you need to remember that you’re not alone! If you live with your family, be sure to share out the chores. Kids can learn about responsibility by helping out with chores, and cleaning together is all the more fun! Likewise, in a shared home, why not create a cleaning rota so everyone pulls their weight? If you live alone and are feeling overwhelmed by cleaning, enlist a friend to help you have a clear out, or think about hiring a part-time cleaner.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Some things are just going to get dirty time and time again, especially in a household with kids, so be realistic about the amount of time you spend cleaning. Think about how much time each task is worth, for instance there’s no point spending hours polishing the cutlery as it’s only going to get used the next day! Save perfection for when you’ve got special guests.

Do have a clear out

Clutter can make your home look a lot messier than it actually is! Be ruthless and sell, throw away, recycle, or donate to charity anything that you really don’t need. The more stuff you have in your home, the more you’ll need to clean – objects attract dust and piles of clutter make it much more difficult to clean the floors and surfaces.

Do your food shopping online

Nowadays the internet has made it a whole lot quicker to do your food shopping. Think of all the time you can save by ordering food online and getting it delivered straight to your door. Adding things to your basket with the simple click of a button is a lot quicker than commuting to the supermarket and spending time there pushing a trolley around!

Your dreams of knowing how to organise your life and spend less time doing chores can come true – try our simple tips and see how much time you can save!

  • Plan your time – organise the household chores by creating a cleaning schedule. This will help you know exactly when and where you need to clean. Creating different schedules or to-do lists for big, medium and smaller tasks can help you keep on top of things and fit in time for fun and relaxing activities too. Check out our tips on making your own personalised cleaning schedule for further advice.

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