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Personal hygiene to improve your kid's health

From hand washing for kids to encouraging healthy habits for kids, read on for tips on how to improve your kids’ health through personal hygiene.


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As adults, we take many personal hygiene habits for granted. But for children, the idea of personal hygiene is completely new. This makes it essential for parents to establish healthy habits for kids as early as possible. From washing hands correctly to keeping surfaces clean, here are the basic rules of personal hygiene for kids.

Introduce the concept of germs for kids in a fun way. There are many books, videos and songs to help you nurture and establish healthy habits for kids in a way that’s educational and enjoyable.

Hand washing for kids

Washing hands is a great activity for explaining how germs spread and why it’s important to wash hands when dirty. As well as explaining why it’s important and the best times to do so, show them how to dispense soap and rub their hands in the right way to make sure their hands are fully washed. At the beginning, you will have to supervise and do it for them – but soon it will become a habit.

Brushing teeth

Teaching your children how to brush their teeth twice a day on their own is one of the most important habits they’ll ever learn. After all, kids love to eat sweets and hate to go to the dentist!

At the beginning, you will be brushing their teeth for them — making sure that they brush for at least two minutes and using the right movements. It’s recommended that you supervise or brush your child’s teeth for them until the age of 8.

Wearing clean clothes

Jumping up and down in dirt, splashing around in paint and getting dust on clothes is all part of being a kid. And it’s often the case that the messier the activity is, the more fun! But encouraging your child to recognise when clothes are dirty, smelly and stained will help them learn the importance of wearing clean clothes and feeling fresh. Make sure they wear clean underwear every day and explain why it’s important to wear clean clothes not only for themselves but for improving their relationships with others.


During your usual cleaning routines, work in a home safety for kids lesson. While you are cleaning the bathroom for example, explain the importance of using products like Domestos for blasting away germs and disinfecting surfaces. If they are old enough, start involving your kid in very simple tasks for maintaining a clean environment like wiping tables after eating or washing up after cooking.

Teaching hygiene for kids is a practical education for making your children more independent and responsible over their own health. Once you have established a good personal hygiene routine, it will see them through for the rest of their lives.

  • Explain the impact of germs and bad bacteria on kids’ health

  • Establish personal hygiene routines like brushing teeth

  • Start involving kids in the cleaning up process

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