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How to Clean a Kitchen: A Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Kitchens can get messy quickly, but with a kitchen cleaning schedule you can stay ahead of it. Read on for handy tips and suggestions from Cleanipedia.


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Keeping your kitchen clean can seem like a full time job unless you keep organised with a kitchen cleaning checklist! Read on to find out more.

The hub for where you prepare all your food needs to be kept clean in order to avoid food contamination or bug infestations. However, family life can be chaotic, making it hard to keep your kitchen spotless. To make cleaning easier, follow this checklist for hassle free kitchen cleaning tips.

If you don’t have time for a big clean up, don’t worry – there are simple daily tasks you can do to keep things in order. Then when there’s more time for a deep clean you can tick off more of our monthly kitchen cleaning tips. Our ‘how to clean a kitchen’ checklist is also great to spread chores out between the family. Designate tasks to each family member and turn it into a game!

Your essential product for cleaning the kitchen is a top quality multipurpose cleaner like Jif Ultra Fast Multipurpose Spray. It’ll help you tackle dirt and grease on any surface, all month long, so be sure to stock up!

A Handy Kitchen Cleaning Checklist That Will Change the Way You Clean

Follow each section of our kitchen cleaning tips to maintain a clean kitchen all month long.


  • Wipe down worktops

  • Keep clean as you cook

  • Wipe spills from work surfaces, floors, and appliances

  • Empty the bin

  • Wash the dishes or run the dishwasher

  • Sweep the floor


  • Fridge inventory – Throw away any spoiled or out-of-date food items along with empty containers.

  • Clean small appliances such as the microwave, toaster, mixer, kettle – Wipe with a multi-surface cleaner such as Jif Ultra Fast Multipurpose Spray to remove any stains, smudges or fingerprints. Don’t forget to lift up the appliances to wipe away any crumbs or dirt that have collected under them.

  • Scour the stovetop – Scrub and remove any stuck on spills with a cloth and a product like Jif Cream Lemon.

  • Thoroughly disinfect the sink and drying board – Remember to clean the dish drainer too.

  • Wash the bins – Keep your bins smelling fresh with a weekly spray down. Spray with an anti bacterial cleaner, like Jif anti-bacterial 2-in-1, and wipe the exterior and interior. Dry with paper towels before putting in a new bin liner.

  • Mop floors – This will give your floors a thorough clean and help to lift stains before they become deeply embedded.

  • Replace tea towels with clean ones – Wash the old towels to make sure they’re ready to be used again next week.

Safety Warning

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


  • Freezer inventory – Throw away any items that are no longer edible and take note of frozen food that needs to be eaten soon.

  • Clean out the fridge – Wipe down shelves and drawers. Hoover behind and underneath.

  • Clean the dishwasher – Scrub the insides and run a cycle using only dishwasher detergent in an empty machine for an extra fresh smelling dishwasher.

  • Deep clean the oven – Use a strong oven cleaner to make your oven sparkle. Sweep out any ash, scrub the racks, and wipe the exterior.

  • Sort out the cupboards – Remove items from the cupboards and wipe inside surfaces. Throw away any stale items before reorganising cupboards neatly.

  • Tidy the drawers – Sort out any items in drawers including cooking utensils, pans, and so on. Throw away or donate any unneeded or broken items. Wipe inside drawers and rearrange contents in an organised fashion.

Now that your kitchen is clean and organised, use these suggested schedules to maintain it!

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