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How to Clean a Washing Machine

Learn how to clean washing machine components in our handy guide which gives 3 easy steps that’ll help your machine last longer and work better.


how to clean a washing machine

When you’re doing your household chores, you may not often consider cleaning your washing machine. But you definitely should! Just as with everything else in your home, your washing machine needs to be properly looked after to stay in good working condition – and that means cleaning it. If you’re unsure of how to clean a washing machine, here are some helpful steps you can follow.

Buy a high-quality detergent that works to aid your washing machine, dissolving fast rather than blocking it, and you’ll find yourself cleaning washing machine components less regularly.

Cleaning Washing Machine Filters 

The filter of a washing machine is the part that collects all the fluff, hair, and bits and pieces that might’ve been stuck to your clothes. It’s usually found at the front of the machine and it definitely needs to be cleaned to prevent build ups of water and potential damage. Here’s how to clean washing machine filters:

  • Locate the filter and unscrew the cap.
  • Carefully remove anything that might be stuck to it or clogging it up.
  • For debris that’s really stuck, soak the filter in hot water first before removing.

How to Clean a Washing Machine Drum

When we talk about the ‘drum’ of a washing machine, this is the area where you pop all your clothes in. If you don’t wash it, bacteria can start to build up which definitely isn’t what you want in a machine that’s cleaning your clothes. Here’s how to clean washing machine drums:

  • Keep the washing machine empty and set up a cycle on the hottest setting.
  • Pop in 500ml of white vinegar – either direct to the drum or where you normally put the detergent- and run the cycle. White vinegar will help to get rid of any limescale inside the machine. 

How to Clean the Washing Machine Drawer

The drawer is the little compartment where you put detergent and fabric softener. Cleaning washing machine drawers is vital to keeping everything running smoothly and making sure old detergent isn’t being used to wash your clothes or blocking any parts of the machine. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Remove the drawer from your machine if you can.
  • Use an old toothbrush and Jif Cream Cleaner to scrub out the compartment before soaking it in hot water. Always check the label and read up on the safety precautions prior to using any kind of cleaner.
  • If there’s mould growing in the drawer, use a product that specifically targets this to kill it off.

Once you know what you’re doing, how to clean the washing machine becomes a very simple task! Go through these steps regularly and your machine will give better results and last longer, making your life that little bit easier. It may be an extra chore to add to your list, but it really doesn’t take long, and the long-term benefits are definitely worth it.

  • Clean your washing machine regularly to help it run at its best and prevent any costly damage.
  • Keep a toothbrush, white vinegar and Jif Cream Cleaner in your cupboard so you’re always prepared. Just remember to always read the label on your cleaners before use!
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