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Best ways to go green, environmentally friendly tips for everyday life

Learn how to be eco-friendly and do your bit for the environment with our sustainable, green living tips.


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We all need to be working towards sustainable living and there are so many ways to achieve it. Figuring out how to be green takes a little time and effort, but it’s vitally important for everyone to get involved. Our green living tips will help you make the shift to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Recycling goes beyond just cardboard, plastic, and glass. Re-gifting, opting for reusable bottles, composting, and recycling rainwater are all amazing ways to achieve more sustainable living

How to live a green lifestyle and save money

If you’d like to know how to protect the environment at home, some of the best ways to go green will save you money too. It’s all about using less energy and water.

Here are some top tips:

  • Only use your washing machine when you’ve got a full load.

  • Wash your clothes on colder cycles. Many detergents work well at 30 degrees.

  • Air-dry clothes outside. The sun can be a natural bleaching agent for white clothes.

  • Turn off lights and plug sockets when they’re not in use.

  • Share or reuse bath water and turn off taps when brushing your teeth to help achieve a green living lifestyle.

  • Opt for environmentally-friendly products that use less water and generate less waste, such as OMO Active Auto Concentrated Liquids.

Recycle your way to sustainable living

Sorting cardboard, glass, and plastic for recycling is a major part of green living, and there’s really no reason not to do it. For more information on recycling, read:

In addition to paying close attention to the most common forms of recycling, there are some less obvious ways you can limit waste too:

  • Re-gifting and donating – if there’s something you’re not using and/or don’t want, you can recycle it by passing it onto to someone who could make use of it.

  • Ditch the bottled water – buying a reusable bottle is one of the best green living tips to help decrease the amount of plastic that ends up in our seas.

  • Composting – rather than ditching food waste, use it to feed your garden.

  • Invest in a water butt – use the rainwater to keep your plants and lawn fed.

  • Upcycle – make new from old by transforming used items. Try our tips on how to recycle your old clothes or recycling and upcycling ideas for your home.

How to be eco friendly with food

Lowering the amount of meat and dairy you eat in a week will help lower your carbon footprint as a lot of resources go into dairy and cattle farming. Do your bit by eating one meat-free meal a day or switching to a plant-based diet one day a week.

Re-think your travel arrangements for sustainable living

The way we move around the world, and the emissions associated with it, has a hugely negative impact on the environment. Whilst everyday green living will help offset your carbon footprint, the following travel tips will improve that balance further:

  • Leave the car at home – get the bus, cycle, or even walk short journeys.

  • Spend less time in the air – fly abroad less frequently or choose shorter journeys.

Sustainable living is all about finding straightforward ways to go green. Incorporate some, or all, of the above green living tips into your life to do your bit for the environment. Now that you know how to go green don’t forget to “re-gift” this info to friends and family!

Key steps

Work your way to sustainable living by:

  1. Saving energy and water at home by using resource smartly.

  2. Recycling as much as possible – re-gifting, upcycling, and composting too!

  3. Using cars and planes less for travel.

  4. Decreasing meat and dairy intake.

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