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Home recycling ideas for kids

Want to get your kids involved in recycling in a fun and engaging way? Read on for recycled craft ideas and recycling ideas for kids.


Home recycling ideas for kids

Want to get your kids involved in recycling in a fun way? Your household is full of materials that are ideal for making arts and crafts that will help them learn the value of objects, even when they are typically thrown away. Here are some recycled craft ideas and recycling projects for kids to get you started.

While you are making arts and crafts, explain how each material can be recycled by putting them into bins that are different to non-recyclable trash. If there is any excess material, show your child how to separate out different materials into recyclable and non-recyclable piles, and where to recycle them.

Recycled craft ideas

  • Make a mask from cardboard boxes: cereal boxes are ideal for getting arty and making crafts, especially for things you can draw and paint, like masks. Measure your child’s face with the cardboard and let your child draw, cut out and paint their desired shape. Once dry, cut out the eye holes and pierce two holes at the side of the mask for string you can tie around your child’s head.

  • Create stationery pots from tin cans: tin cans are versatile and perfect for kids to transform into something else. Get your kid to choose a patterned piece of paper – perhaps featuring a character from their favourite film or animation – and measure it out until it fits the height and width of the can. Once cut out, glue it to the metal and your child has a new beautiful pen pot to keep their school stationery.

  • Create plant pots from plastic bottles: cut a plastic bottle vertically in half, pierce holes at the bottom for drainage and place on top of a yoghurt lid to make a saucer. Now for the fun part — get your child to fill the pot with soil, plant a seed for a hardy herb like cress or coriander, and then watch it grow. Encourage your child to water and look after the plant once it starts sprouting.

  • Make colourful creatures out of toilet rolls: with poster paint, googly eyes and marker pen, your child can turn plain toilet rolls into hundreds of animals and fantastical creatures. From tigers to penguins to imaginary monsters, toilet rolls are a simple way of letting your kids unleash their imaginations. They’re fun to play with afterwards too.

Arts and crafts are a great way of teaching recycling for kids. They’re messy, educational and the whole family can get involved. So instead of throwing that cereal box away, get crafty instead.

  • Cardboard is ideal for arts and crafts like masks and animals

  • Transform tin cans into stationery pots

  • Make plant pots from plastic bottles

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