Five upcycling ideas to try at home

Trash can gardens

Upcycle metal trashcans that you don’t need any more or give a better life to trashcans at the hardware store by turning them into planters. Attach casters and fill with your favourite flowers.

Wallpaper is not just for walls

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be just for your walls. You can upcycle old cabinets and bookshelves with vinyl wallpaper to give tired furniture a fresh new look.

Antique feel cabinets

A big part of upcycling is being able to see the potential and beauty in an old, tired piece of furniture. Cabinets found at flea markets can be repurposed with sanding and painting, returning charm to pieces, saving them from being thrown away, and making a unique, stylish item for your home.

A brass chandelier plus paint

Brass is a striking and beautiful metal, but its look may not fit in with the style of your home. Why not paint that brass chandelier you found at a flea market, to fit in with your tastes.

Quirky dining chairs

You can find lots of seating options at flea markets, but they often don’t come in sets. Unify mix-and-match chairs of different styles by painting and upholstering them in identical fabric.

We hope you enjoy creating your new pieces. Why not encourage others to upcycle, and share this great green method of reducing waste, while brightening your home and wardrobe?