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How to Unclog a Blocked Toilet

Here you’ll find out how to unclog your blocked toilet in a few easy steps. You’ll save on an expensive plumber and get the job done yourself.


unblocking a toilet

A blocked toilet can be a major hassle in any household, but it’s easily fixed without a heap of mess or stress. Follow these simple steps on how to fix a clogged toilet bowl.

The first thing to do when your toilet is clogged is stop flushing. If the toilet is blocked, flushing will only cause water levels to rise, and you could end up with a flooded floor.

How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

When it comes to bathroom chores, a clogged toilet is pretty much the last thing you want to get stuck into. But don’t call a pricey plumber or take apart the tank – grab some rubber gloves and read on for simple solutions on how to unclog a toilet bowl.

  • Grab your supplies.

When it comes to unclogging a toilet, safety always comes first. You’ll need a few things: some strong rubber gloves, some old clothes, a plunger, a bucket or large bowl, and some old newspapers or paper towels to mop up any leaks.

  • Stop the overflow.

The first step to unblock the clogged toilet is to stop the rising water levels and prevent any more mess. You’ll need to act fast, so look for the flapper in the toilet bowl and close it, quick-smart.

  • Find out what’s causing the toilet blockage.

If the toilet block is something solid, like a kids’ toy, you might be able to reach in and remove it with a gloved hand; otherwise you’ll need to go to work with a plunger. Make sure the plunger is big enough to cover the hole at the bottom of the toilet. With water covering the plunger (add more if needed) press the plunger firmly to create a seal, then start pumping the plunger until the blockage is gone.

  • What if I don’t have a plunger?

Pour a few cups of very hot water over the toilet block and let it sit for a couple of minutes to break up the blockage and make it easier to flush. If hot water doesn’t work, try a foaming liquid detergent like dishwashing liquid or shampoo. Squirt the liquid into the bowl and let it sit for as long as possible before trying to flush again. This method is also helpful for stubborn toilet blockages before you use the plunger.

unblocking a toilet

Safety Warning

Be careful when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • If your toilet is still blocked after steps 3 and 4, invest in a plumbing snake.

You can pick up one of these handy devices at your local hardware store. To unclog the toilet, uncoil the snake and feed it into the bowl. Once it reaches the blockage, give the snake a twist and push the blockage until it breaks apart and the water drains.

  • If in doubt…

If you can’t budge the toilet blockage, or it’s embedded deep inside the drain, it’s best to call in an expert who knows how to unclog a toilet so you don’t cause damage to your plumbing.

  • Clean the toilet.

Once you’ve fixed the clogged toilet, clean it thoroughly with a thick bleach such as Domestos, which will cling to the toilet’s surfaces to prevent germs.

  • Make sure you’re hygienic when fixing a clogged toilet. Wear old clothes and rubber gloves and clean up well afterwards with a thick bleach like Domestos to combat germs.

  • Look for what’s causing the blocked toilet. You might be able to fix it simply with a gloved hand.

  • Close the flapper in the cistern to turn the water off and prevent it from rising.

  • For stubborn toilet blockages, use a plunger or a plumbing snake.