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Bringing a puppy home: all you need to know!

Try our tops tips when bringing a puppy home and create your own new puppy checklist to stay on top of things.



Everyone’s excited about bringing a puppy home, but there’s plenty to do to get ready for the first few days.

Preparing for a puppy requires buying the items they’ll need and getting your home ready, so draw up a thorough new puppy checklist and you can feel confident you’ve got it all covered. Once you’ve got preparations sorted you can get on with getting to know your furry friend!

A big part of preparing for a puppy is creating a secure space for your new pooch. Fill it with a comfy bed and chew toys to help them settle.

How to prepare for a puppy

Before you settle down to enjoy your first night with a puppy, you need to get your house in order. Here are some top tips:

  • Clean thoroughly – pay close attention to removing any old pet odours.

  • Secure doors – that includes front, back, internal and cabinet doors. The last thing you want is a curious puppy getting somewhere you don’t want them to be.

  • Move ornaments – put them out of reach.

  • Remove any unsafe plants – some are hazardous to dogs, so it’s important to research if any of yours aren’t safe.

  • Choose a warm, safe area for puppy – designating a cosy area will help them make their mark.

  • Make sure everyone is on board – what you need for a puppy to be secure is for the whole family to be consistent. Have a family meeting to discuss how you’re all going to welcome your new pooch.

What to buy for a new puppy

You’ve got a plan for getting your house ready, so now what do you need for a new puppy? Take a look at our puppy checklist so you know what to buy:

  • Plenty of toys

  • Puppy pads and bags

  • A crate

  • Bed and bedding

  • Food and water bowls

  • Grooming kit – dog brush, shampoo, clippers etc.

  • Collar and leash

  • Stair gate – if necessary

  • Puppy food and treats

If you're busy during the week, remember to book dog walkers or dog daycare ahead of time to make sure your puppy has plenty of attention!

Your first night with puppy

The best thing to do is to keep it simple, be patient, and provide your puppy with a comfy place to sleep. It’s a new environment for them, so be prepared for a bit of crying. It’s not a good idea to bring them into your bedroom as that turn into a repeat behaviour – instead, secure them in a safe and enclosed space with a comfortable bed.

There you go, plenty of tips to get you ready for bringing home a new puppy. As long as you’re organised, and the whole family is on the same page, you’ll be able to settle in your new best friend in no time. Bring on the four-legged fun!

  • Clean and tidy your home thoroughly.

  • Designate an area for your puppy.

  • Make sure the whole family is consistent.

  • Get all the puppy supplies you need.

  • Provide your pooch with a secure space overnight.