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5 things you should know when planning a baby shower at home

From tips on organising to advice on hosting a baby shower, we’ll help you give mum and bump a party to remember.


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Are you organising a baby shower and looking for some ideas? There’s a lot to plan, and we’re here to help! From coming up with baby shower decoration ideas to tips about the specifics of hosting a baby shower, here are five things to think about as you learn how to organise a baby shower.

Plan early and delegate tasks from your baby shower checklist to chosen guests. The more of you there are involved in the prep, the easier hosting a baby shower will be.

1. Planning a baby shower early will save stress

The first tip is to make sure your plan early – and stick to your plan! The earlier you can come up with baby shower party ideas, the better. To help you stay on track, use a baby shower checklist to keep track of everything that needs to be done, and when.

2. Writing your baby shower checklist will keep you organised

Putting tasks down on paper will make it easier for you to get things done. The main things to add to your checklist are:

  • Basic details: date, time, and venue. Get this booked in first.

  • Guest list: get the names from mum-to-be and prepare your invites early.

  • Baby shower decoration ideas: base these on your theme and make a list of the different things you need to get. If you’ve not chosen a theme yet then you can browse Pinterest for baby shower party ideas!

  • Food and entertainment: write a list of tasks to prepare food and games in advance or place an order with professionals. You may want to ask for dietary requirements on the invites to make sure you cater to all guests.

3. Deciding what to do at a baby shower will be tricky

With the planning out of the way, it’s time to consider how to host a baby shower. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have is over what to do for the event – this can be tricky as you need to cater to mum-to-be and her guests.

Here are some more handy tips:

  • Offer snacks and drinks as your guests arrive.

  • Introduce people who haven’t met before.

  • Designate an area for gifts.

  • Play games to keep everyone interacting and having fun – “guess the mother’s measurements is a traditional and fun choice!

  • If you are hosting a baby shower during summertime, make sure the area is well ventilated, and the drinks are cold!

4. Mum-to-be should be front and centre…

If you are organising a baby shower with the mum-to-be, remember the most important part of the party: putting her at the heart of the celebration! Pregnancy can be full of appointments and things focused on the baby to give her the chance to be the centre of attention and try to focus on games and activities on her, not just baby.

5. … but not completely forgetting baby!

That said, this is still a celebration of a new life, so you’ll want to do a few things focused on the baby. Include a gift list – if you know what mum still needs to get – and include some fun games like guessing the baby’s birth weight or creating personalised bibs. If you want to give mum some lovely keepsakes of the day then why not hire a photographer or set-up your own “photo booth” with a pretty back-drop and some cardboard photo props.

Hosting a baby shower is all about planning and preparation. Get that right and the big day will be great fun, for the guests, mum, and her bump!

  • Start planning as early as possible.

  • Make a baby shower checklist.

  • Get friends to help with baby shower party ideas.

  • Keep guests interacting and having fun.

  • Put mum-to-be front and centre.