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Kids toys storage: how to easily clean & organise toys

Is your home becoming cluttered with toys? Overcome that problem with our useful toy storage ideas.



Key steps to clean and tidy toy storage

Follow our toy storage tips to keep things organised in your kid's bedroom or playroom:

  1. Utilise empty spaces, including under the bed.

  2. Choose brightly coloured toy storage that kids will want to use.

  3. Store soft toys in flexible baskets so that you can get more in.

Ever stepped on a bit of Lego or looked into your child’s bedroom only to see the floor entirely covered by soft toys? Say goodbye to this mess with our tips on effective kids toys storage. Covering everything from how to organise to how to disinfect toys, we’ll help you keep your family safe and happy.

Utilise space that’s not already being used. Corners of a room, old laundry baskets, and under the bed all make great kids toy storage solutions.

How to clean and organise kids toys

Before we look at toy storage ideas, it's important to make sure that our kids toys are kept safe and healthy. This means learning how to clean then and maintain them so that they don't pose a risk to children.

How to disinfect toys

It's easy to overlook, but cleaning your kids' toys before storing them is very important. After all, knowing how to wash toys and disinfect them will allow you to get rid of bacteria - particularly important with younger children who are likely to put toys in their mouth.

  1. Check care labels and box instructions for washing guidance.

  2. Some soft toys can go in the washing machine and some plastic toys in the dishwasher - always choose a gentle setting if selecting this option.

  3. Remove any batteries, loose parts, or accessories from the toy before cleaning.

  4. Test any new cleaning solution on a small area first to check it doesn't damage the toy.

  5. Hand wash delicate soft toys and toys with batteries. Dap or gently wipe the surface with a cloth dipped in water and a mild cleaner.

  6. Give plastic toys a quick once over with soapy water and use a soft brush to get into nooks. And old, clean toothbrush works well.

  7. Use a detergent such as OMO Sensitive that contains no perfume when washing soft toys.

  8. If suitable, leave the toy outside to dry. The sun’s UV rays are natural bacteria-killers so this is a great way to give those germs one last blitz.

  9. If drying indoors, place toys in a warm area and turn soft toys regularly to ensure they dry on all sides.

  10. Remember to keep all toys well out of reach of children and pets until completely dry.

Read our article on how to prevent germs spreading at home for more tips on keeping your home hygienic.

How to keep toys safe

It's also important to maintain the safety of your kids toys to reduce hazards in your home:

  • Check and replace batteries in toys regularly.

  • Give soft toys a once over to check for loose threads or embellishments that could cause a choking hazard.

  • Do the same for plastic toys - loose parts or small accessories could pose a choking hazard to young children.

  • Clean and disinfect toys regularly to tackle dirt and bacteria.

How to organise toys: 3 kids toy storage ideas

Need a better way to organise your kids' toys now that they're clean? Try one of these 3 storage ideas and check out our article on how to organise your home to get every room in your house in order.

1. Under-bed toy organisers

One of the key components of effective kids toy storage is utilising empty space. Add a toy organiser under their bed to free floorspace and instantly make their room look a lot tidier. Your main options here are:

  • A bed with built-in storage, like a divan.

  • Transparent storage boxes fitted with wheels that slide under standard bed frames.

  • Standard containers or big boxes that slide just under the bed.

2. Colourful fabric boxes for kids storage

One of the best toy room ideas is to choose storage solutions that look good.

  • Brightly coloured fabric boxes are not only useful for storing toys, they look cool too! 

  • Choose colours that match your kids bedroom or create interesting patterns with different shades.

  • Slide them under the bed, place them in cube shelving units, or arrange neatly on the floor for versatile toy storage ideas.

  • Using fun and colourful items means kids are more likely to help tidy up! Read our article on making cleaning fun for more help with this.

3. Laundry basket toy storage

When they start to take over the room, organising children’s toys can seem impossible. That’s when you need to start thinking outside the box a little.

  • Soft toys can take up a huge amount of room so why not try storing them in a simple laundry basket? 

  • Choose one made from fabric, rather than plastic, and you’ll be able to stuff more in.

  • Opt for an opaque design with a lid if you want your kids' soft toys to be kept out of sight.

  • Prefer to have your teddies on display? Opt for a thinner fabric design and open top. Alternatively, use a wicker or plastic basket design with gaps in the sides.

Once you know how to organise toys and clean them, it’ll be much easier to keep kids toy rooms and bedrooms in order. Put these toy storage tips into action and reclaim your space.