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A Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tips for Cleaning the House this Spring

Spring cleaning sounds like fun, right? If you are not excited about this topic, fear not. Follow the checklist in this article and get the job done fast.


Reading Time: 5 minutes

how to spring clean

Spring Cleaning is something that can daunt even the most organised of home owners, especially if you have limited time on your hands. We’ve put together a few spring cleaning tips below, so that you can get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.

Plan ahead and thoroughly organise and declutter your home in the weeks before your spring clean. Once your home is clutter-free, you can breeze through tasks with the help of multi-purpose products like Jiff Actibacterial Spray – it removes everyday dirt in an instant, as well as bacteria (such as Salmonella, E. Coli & Listeria, and Staphylococcus aureus.)

How to Spring Clean the Easy Way

The best way to approach spring cleaning is to think of it as a series of individual tasks, and not to expect to get those tasks done all at once. It’s easier to spread spring cleaning out over days, if not weeks. Spring cleaning is also made easier by:

  • Setting a target start and finish date for your spring clean. With a schedule, there’s less risk of your cleaning tasks mounting up as they days go by.

  • Making sure you buy all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Make sure you stock up on multipurpose cleaning cupboard essentials like Jif Actibacterial Spray before you get started. Be sure to check the labels on all the products for safety instructions and advice, and test any new cleaning product on a hidden area first.

  • Setting yourself spring cleaning goals. Making a house cleaning checklist will help you focus on what your really want to achieve this year. Prioritize the tasks – you don’t have to do it all!

  • Decluttering before your spring clean. Identify what you really need and then sell, recycle, give away, or bin the rest.

Spring Clean Checklist Ideas

Below is a list of spring cleaning tasks. Take your time to work through them and then congratulate yourself on a spring clean well done!

  • Clean windows (inside and out) – use Jif Glass Spray for a streak-free finish!

  • Wash down walls/skirting boards/door frames/doors/light switches (turn of electricity first).

  • Remove books from shelves, dust and replace. Jif Cloths come in super handy here – they are long lasting and can be used for everything from dusting to washing cars.

  • Disinfect computer keyboards and clean screens (including TV).

  • Vacuum and turn mattresses.

  • Wash curtains/bedding.

  • Empty cupboards and clean inside, on top and fronts.

spring cleaning checklist
  • Throw away expired bathroom/cleaning products and medicines (take to the pharmacy for disposal).

  • Clean behind the washing machine/tumble dryer/dishwasher/fridge/freezer.

  • Defrost the freezer.

  • Shampoo carpets and clean upholstery.

  • Put away winter clothes and bring warm weather clothes out of storage.

  • Polish metal ornaments/door handles/fixtures and fittings

  • Polish or wax wood throughout the house

  • Dust lighting fixtures

  • Replace smoke detector batteries

  • Declutter the basement or attic

  • Clean garden furniture/tidy shed/outdoor areas

  • Prioritise the tasks in your spring clean. Be realistic about what you can do.

  • Organise your supplies and task list before you start cleaning.

  • Simplify the task by decluttering your home.

  • Pick a start and end date within which to complete your spring clean.

  • Spring clean – then sit back and relax!

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