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Bedroom storage ideas: how to organise your bedroom the best way

With our organisation and bedroom cleaning hacks you can make the most of the space you have.


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Whatever size bedroom you have, you can never have too much storage! And with the right organisation tips for your bedroom you can maximise the space. From decluttering to wardrobe storage ideas and bedroom cleaning hacks, we’ll show you some of the best bedroom organisation tips.

Making a thorough plan is one of the best bedroom organisation tips you can take. Take a look at your current setup and think about how you can declutter and rearrange to create more space.

Bedroom storage ideas

You can improve the organisation of your bedroom with something as simple as a few tweaks and a little bit of time and attention. Here are five ideas of how to organise your bedroom.

1. Declutter your bedroom

Sometimes creating space in your bedroom is a simple as decluttering. It’s all too easy to hoard and never get rid of things, so take a day to clear out your bedroom. If it’s not in regular use, the right size, or doesn’t bring you a sense of joy, get rid of it! That will free up storage space.

2. Utilise your bed

One of the most useful of all bedroom storage ideas is to use the space under your bed. There’s so much room under there, and if you’re not using it then you’re missing a trick.

Thinking about buying a new bed? Go for an ottoman or divan bed with drawers or lift-up storage space to maximise storage opportunities.

3. Hang shelves

Shelving is another great way of maximising the space you have. Utilise the corners and areas that you don’t often walk in. Whether it’s a huge shelving unit for boxes or a few floating shelves to put trinkets, photos and useful items on, going up is a great way to save space.

4. Get multi-functional furniture

The more you can use your bedroom furniture for dual purpose the better. Rather than a standard bedside table, go for a cabinet, or use a set of thin drawers so you’ve got more space to store your belongings.

5. Use your wardrobe wisely

There’s often some handy extra space in your wardrobe. In addition to your hanging rail, you’ll have a bottom surface and maybe even a shelf. There could be room for a few storage boxes, and maybe even a small set of drawers. Wardrobe storage ideas like these could save you vital space.

Bedroom cleaning hacks

Here are a few bedroom cleaning hacks to help keep it fresh:

  • Clean as you go: there’s nothing worse than having to spend ages cleaning and tidying. Make a routine or roster on a weekly basis and stick to it.

  • Always dust from top to bottom: then you can hoover up afterwards.

  • Use an old toothbrush on windows: getting the grime out of the tricky areas is much easier this way.

  • Clean switches and sockets: these are often forgotten areas where dust can gather.

  • Polish your mirrors: a well-placed mirror can create the illusion of space and give light to a room. A smeared one will not.

As you can see, with a few top organisation tips for your bedroom it’s easy to make the most of the space you have. Take your time making a plan and then use our bedroom storage ideas to keep things nice and tidy, and stored away when not in use.

Key steps

Implement our bedroom storage ideas with these key steps:

  1. Asses the space you have and where you can create more.

  2. Make use of multi-functional furniture.

  3. Use corner shelving for extra storage.

  4. Keep your room clean and tidy.

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