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Decluttering Tips: How to Declutter Your Home

Tripping over boxes, or overcrowded closet? It's time to declutter! Below are some simple tips to help you trim down on clutter and make more of your space.


declutter your home

Untidy house, untidy mind – it’s hard to get things done with a home full of clutter! This no-nonsense, straightforward guide provides ten great tips for clearing out your home and getting rid of unwanted clutter.

Ten Tips for Decluttering Your Home

  • Find decent storage units

When your home is in chaos, it can be hard to decide what is worth keeping. This is one way to establish some order. Boxes and files are a good place to start, though chests of drawers and shelves are also good choices. Categorise the clutter in a way that makes sense to you. Even if everything doesn’t fit in the available storage, the process will have given you some idea of what and how much you have.

  • Give all items a best-before date

Items with significant sentimental value are an exception, but exercise a certain amount of ruthlessness. If you haven’t used an item in three months, six months, a year, two years – then it might be time to get rid of it.

  • Fight the hoarding instinct

Just in case, and what if thinking is natural, and is the enemy of clutter clearing. Create rules (like in tip 2) that work for you and then stick to it.

  • Donate unwanted items to charities

When you are decluttering your home, parting with items – no matter how old or rarely used – can be surprisingly emotional. The idea of giving them to someone else rather than throwing them out can make it easier to part with them.

  • Take the time to do a proper clearout

Depending on how much you have to declutter, doing a large chunk of the work at once may help with motivation. It will show obvious progress when you are done.

  • Do little and often, and clean as you go

If the big clearout doesn’t work for you then doing small areas at a time is a good tactic. Even busy people have a few minutes to spare here and there, and those can be spent tidying a desk or clearing out a drawer. Keep easy cleaning products to hand, so you can freshen up the house as you go – Jif Antibacterial Spray is great for removing everyday dust and dirt, as well as bacteria (such as Salmonella, E. Coli & Listeria, and Staphylococcus aureus.)

  • Get a friend to help

Finding a friend who you trust to see your mess and who will help rather than hinder the process is a challenge in itself, but such a person can even make decluttering fun.

  • Buy new, better quality things

It’s likely that as you start to complete the decluttering process, you will find you have multiple inferior versions of the same item. Laptop chargers that work half of the time, crooked and bent cutlery, etc. It will be worth investing in a good quality product that actually works.

  • Don’t add to the clutter

Once you’ve decluttered your home, it is important to stop adding to it. The process will have given you a better idea of what you do and don’t need, and what you do and don’t use, and you can adjust your spending habits accordingly.

  • Reward yourself

Finally, whether you’ve dealt with the clutter a little bit at a time or had a big clearout, you deserve to treat yourself in some way for your accomplishment. Reward is also a good motivator for getting it done in the first place. You can’t beat the feeling of a good job well done!

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