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How to clean your air conditioning unit?

Need to know how to clean an air conditioner unit? Read on for a simple step-by-step AC cleaning guide!


how to clean an air conditioner unit

Keeping your air conditioner unit clean and dust-free will increase its efficiency and reduce the chance of breakdown, saving you money on repair costs. If you don’t want to be left sweltering when the summer comes, read on to find out how to clean an air conditioner unit in just a few easy steps!

Once you know how to clean an air conditioner, you’ll be able to do it in no time. Make sure to clean your unit regularly with efficient products like Jif All-Purpose Cleaner to ensure optimum performance.

How to clean an air conditioner filter?

A good place to start is the filter. The filter is the part of the air conditioning unit that is particularly susceptible to a dust build-up. Fortunately, most air conditioner units have replaceable filters. Check the size or remove your old filter and take it to the shop with you when purchasing a replacement. If you feel the filter is still in optimum condition, follow these steps to know how to clean an air conditioner filter:

  • Firstly, turn off the whole appliance off and unplug from the mains. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any excess dust or debris. If possible, remove the filter too.

  • Away from any electrical source, fill a small plastic bucket with warm water and an efficient cleaning product such as Jif All-Purpose Cleaner. Using a cloth, gently wipe the filter, making sure to remove all dust and dirt. Leave the filter to dry.

  • If the filter cannot be removed, it must be cleaned where it’s fitted. Again, use a damp cloth, but make sure you wring it out thoroughly. If excess water enters the appliance, it may cause it to malfunction.

How to clean an air conditioner unit with a plastic condensation tube?

If your appliance has a removable condensation tube (usually around 30cm in length), remove it from the air conditioning unit and follow these steps:

  • Check the tube for signs of algae and remove any internal obstructions.

  • Pour a diluted bleach mixture down the tube to ensure it’s clean and sparkling.

  • Once it’s perfectly dry, replace the tube in your air conditioner unit.

Safety warning

Be sure to wear gloves if using strong detergents or bleach.

How to clean an air conditioner unit with coils?

If your air conditioner unit uses refrigeration technology, you may be able to locate a coil on the exterior of the appliance. If the coil is not visible, it may be located beneath the plastic casing. If this is the case, removing the casing isn’t recommended. If the coil is visible, follow these steps to know how to clean an air conditioner with coils:

  • Take a dry cloth and remove any dust or dirt. If the appliance is particularly dusty or dirty, it might be worth using a small brush or scraper.

  • Using the same cloth, wipe the plastic casing of the air conditioner, again making sure that no excess water enters the internal part of the appliance.

  • If the appliance has lubrication ports, squeeze two or three drops of lubrication oil to improve functioning. Consult your instruction manual to locate the lubrication ports and avoid all-purpose lubricants such as WD40 as they may impair the sooth running of the appliance.

And there you have it! You now know how to clean an air conditioner unit with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Your air conditioning appliance should now be sparkling clean and run super smoothly!

  • Start by cleaning the air conditioner filter with Jif All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Clean the plastic condensation tube with diluted bleach

  • Use a dry cloth to clean the coil and add some drops of lubricant to improve functioning