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Quick Cleaning Tips For House Cleaning

Cleaning may not be your favourite pastime, but it is essential to keep you and your house healthy. Learn how to do it fast using our quick cleaning tips.


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It may not be the most exciting of tasks, but both you and your home will benefit from a weekly clean. One of the reasons you may not be feeling like putting your gloves on and getting into cleaning mode is the idea that cleaning is time-consuming … but you just need to follow these tips instead!

Set timers to help you manage your time – while you’re waiting for a product to work on one cleaning job, you can start another! Just remember to label your alarms with the name of the task if using your phone so you don’t forget what the alarm is for!

How to clean a house fast – quick cleaning tips

Weekly cleans don’t need to take huge amounts of time. Focus on removing dust and stains as well as bacteria and you should be fine until next week.

Here’s how to clean house quickly using some quick and easy cleaning tips:

  • Vacuum story by story. If your home is divided into several stories, it’s best to do each story all in one go. Set a timer to 10 minutes and allow yourself a few minutes to relax once you’ve finished one floor before moving to the next.

  • Wash floors in the same way. Start with the area you spend the most time in so that it will have had time to dry by the time you’ve finished other areas.

  • Use one slightly dampened cloth and one dry cloth when dusting. This will prevent new dust from sticking to surfaces you’ve just wiped and stop you spreading dust to new surfaces too.

  • Keep antibacterial spray or wipes handy in the kitchen and bathroom. That way you can remove stains as soon as they appear and reduce the time spent in these areas as part of your weekly clean.

  • Treat stubborn bathroom and kitchen stains and wait a few minutes before scrubbing. Using a product like Domestos or Jif, apply the product and wait for a few minutes before returning to the stained area and scrubbing it off. Remember to wear protective clothing and work in a well-ventilated area, and follow the instructions on the product label.

  • Keep coloured and white clothing separate in your laundry basket. By having two laundry bags inside your laundry basket, you won’t need to spend time separating whites from colours when it’s time to put a wash on.

  • Pre-treat stains on your clothes before washing them. This usually takes 5–30 minutes, depending on how bad the stains are. Just rub some OMO Ultimate Liquid on the stains using the bottom of the dosing ball, set a timer, and wash as normal.

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How to clean house quickly – the final essentials

Armed with these quick cleaning tips on how to clean your house quickly, people will soon be asking you how you manage to get it all done so quickly! Just remember to always keep these two things in the house to make your life easier when cleaning:

  1. The right tools and products. Make sure you don’t run out, and you won’t have to make do with dishwashing liquid when you really need bleach

  2. A timer. It’s useful for most activities where you want to be more time efficient. You can use the one on your phone for convenience

Feel free to share these quick and easy cleaning tips with your friends, family or housemates to make sure you all get a bit more efficient when cleaning instead of coming up with excuses to put it off until next week!

  • Ensure you have the right equipment

  • Do several tasks at the same time if they require you to wait – use a timer so you won’t forget to return to any waiting tasks

  • Clean large yet achievable areas in one go

  • Allow yourself short breaks and use a timer to remind yourself to get back to work