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Kitchen storage ideas: how to organise your kitchen

Create and maximise space in your kitchen with these great organisational tips, kitchen cleaning hacks and kitchen storage solutions.


Kitchen storage ideas how to organise your kitchen

Does your kitchen lack storage space? Do you open drawers to find something, only to be dismayed at what’s staring back at you? If your kitchen cupboards are jumbled and disorganised or if you’re constantly trying to locate the potato masher or the cheese grater, you’re not alone. If frustration over how to organise your kitchen is reaching fever pitch, relax. We’ve come up with awesome kitchen storage solutions and handy kitchen cleaning tips guaranteed to make your kitchen feel more spacious and organised.

Not only is it important to keep storage cabinets, shelves and drawers organised, you’ve got to keep them clean, too. Undertake a monthly spruce-up using a trusted all-purpose kitchen cleaning product, like Jif.

How to Organise a Kitchen

Space in the kitchen is an issue for many of us. Thankfully, helpful kitchen storage solutions are, for the most part, inexpensive to purchase and simple to install. Leave worktops and counters clear and declutter your kitchen – utilise these clever ideas and learn how to organise a kitchen.

Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Expand your shelf space with these innovative kitchen shelving ideas.

  • Check your cupboard space for any gaps where items are shorter than the space and add in extra shelves

  • Don’t forget the inside of doors! Adding baskets to doors can be great for holding small, light objects

  • Ditch art in favour of open-wall shelving upon which to store kitchen items including pots and pans

  • Get more use out of the space in your corner cupboards by adding rotating shelves

  • Buy a magnetic cloth holder and attach inside your sink

  • Pick up a silicone sponge holder for the wall

  • Magazine holders make great instant freezer shelves

  • Place a wire rack inside your fridge to create more space

More Kitchen Storage Ideas

  • Keep drawers tidy and maximise space with simple plastic dividers

  • Combine organisation and decor by decanting dry food products, oils and vinegars into attractive containers like mason jars and display them on shelving units

  • A tiered hanging wire basket attached to the wall with a large hook is great for storing fruit or veggies

  • A Lazy Susan or tension rod fitted under the sink will make finding cleaning products easier

  • Attach a roll holder to the inside of your under-sink cupboard to store rolls of bin liners

  • Invest in a storage rack on wheels

  • Install hooks along the bottom of wall shelving to hang pans

  • Get a magnetic knife holder for the wall

  • Hang pots and pans from the ceiling

  • Installing a pull-out waste bin under your counter to save on floor space

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Not only do you want a neat and tidy kitchen, you want a clean, hygienic one, too. Check out these innovative kitchen cleaning tips:

  • Don’t overdo it with tons of different products – all-purpose cleaners such as Jif can tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks

  • Freshen your rubbish bin by sprinkling a few tablespoons of baking soda in the bottom

  • Refresh your dishwasher by putting it on (empty) with vinegar instead of a dishwashing tablet

  • Slice lemons into small pieces and freeze in vinegar, before running the cubes through the waste disposal unit every few days

  • Clean your cast iron pots by sprinkling coarse salt inside and rubbing in with paper towels

  • Spray the interior of your microwave with a mix of water and essential oils, place a clean wet sponge inside, heat for two minutes, let it cool, then use sponge to wipe up the leftover mess

  • Get rid of rust spots on cutlery and silverware by soaking the implements in lemon juice for a few minutes before scrubbing

There you have it, how to organise your kitchen. It’s all about having a designated spot for everything. We hope our kitchen storage solutions and kitchen cleaning hacks have inspired you to declutter. Remember to be open-minded and creative when looking for the right solutions for your home.

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* Consider shelving in favour of wall art

  • Be open minded and work with what you’ve got

  • Keep your kitchen clean as well as tidy