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Preparing walls for painting: what to do

Want to refresh your interior but don’t know how to prepare walls for painting? Follow these simple steps to prep your walls.


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Want to refresh your house by painting the walls but you don’t know where to start? Before learning how to paint a wall, it’s essential to know how to prep it correctly. Preparing walls for painting needn’t be a daunting process. Follow our simple guide to know how to prepare walls for painting.

Painting is a great way to make your home feel brand new again. But before thinking about how to paint a wall, you should know how to prep walls. Preparing interior walls for painting is easier when you use the right method and efficient cleaning products like Jif.

Preparing a room for painting: what to do?

Before preparing walls for painting, it’s essential to declutter the room you want to paint. Preparing a room for painting involves removing furniture, so ask for some help from your friends or family to avoid getting a lumbago before you even start to paint walls. Use drop sheets to protect flooring whilst painting the walls.

If you can’t easily remove furniture from the room, make sure to place everything to the centre of the room and use more drop sheets or newspapers to protect furniture from paint splatters.

How to prepare walls for painting?

Once the room is prepared, you can start preparing walls for painting. Follow these steps to know how to prepare walls for painting:

  • Preparing interior walls for painting involves dusting the walls with a towel or soft cloth and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the nooks and crannies in the walls.

  • Use sand paper to smooth away small imperfections on the wall. If there’s any cracked or flaking paint, use a paint scraper to make it disappear. You can also use an electric sander to make this step faster and easier!

  • Washing walls before painting is necessary to make sure paint stays free from dirt and adhere well onto the surface. Go after stains first using an efficient cleaning product such as Jif. Wipe marks gently until they disappear.

  • Once stubborn stains and marks are gone, mix some sugar soap with warm water and use this mixture to clean walls with a cloth.

  • Preparing the ceiling for painting requires the same steps but is a bit more acrobatic. If you have to use a ladder, always ask someone to secure it for you; while washing walls before painting is important, safety comes first!

When using any cleaning products, always follow the instructions and safety guidelines on the label and test your cleaning methods on a small area first. When painting, don’t forget to always use protective gloves and ventilate the room to avoid paint splatters and fumes.

Now you know how to prepare walls for painting easily. Whether it’s picking the right shade or finding the perfect embellishments to brighten your interior, these tips should get you off to the right foot to refresh your home!

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* Remove any furniture from the room

  • Dust the walls and clean them with a mixture of water and sugar soap

  • Use sand paper or a paint scraper to smooth the wall

  • Protect surfaces with drop sheets and painter’s tape

  • Use protective gloves and ventilate the room to avoid paint splatters and fumes