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Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Get Organised and Declutter Your Home

How would you like to get organised, get rid of clutter and learn how to spring clean? If your home could do with a spruce up, then read on.



Lots of people are motivated by the very idea of spring cleaning. The weather is mild and the skies begin clearing, so a feeling of fresh beginning is inevitable – and that includes a fresh, clean start for your home. In this article, you’ll learn how to spring clean and take advantage of the fresh motivation spring brings.

You need to make sure you have all the right supplies, like  Jif and Domestos, if you want to tackle your spring cleaning. Prepare all safety equipment, including gloves, and read the labels carefully. It’s also a good idea to test them in a small area before you begin.

How to Get Organised for Spring Cleaning

If your spring clean comes as an impromptu decision, you won’t get nearly as much done. Careful planning is required if you want to make sure you have everything covered.

  1. Lock in a specific day to start spring cleaning, and do it a few weeks in advance. This means you can plan your diary around it and it won’t keep getting pushed back in favour of other things.

  2. Put pen to paper for your spring clean plan. Create a thorough checklist with an itinerary and place it somewhere prominent in the house, like on the fridge – that way it’s harder to escape the commitment you’re setting.

  3. Make an inventory of your cleaning supplies. A week out from the start date, think about the supplies you’ll need to buy to bring your living areas back up to scratch. Get ready to restock your cupboards with rubber gloves, cloths, sponges, scrubbers and even black plastic bags.

  4. Create a list of your spring cleaning goals. Decide what you want to get out your spring clean and which parts of the house you need to prioritise. Are you running out of space on the book shelf? Then make it a clear plan on the list to create more room for books. If your focus needs to be more on the cleaning than the decluttering, make sure you’re specific about that.

Effective Decluttering Tips

Those who truly know how to spring clean know it’s always a great idea to declutter and reorganise your rooms before you start cleaning, because moving items around the room makes dust whip up into the air. The easiest way to rid yourself of clutter is the ‘three box’ approach:

  1. Sort all of your items into three boxes: ‘to keep’, ‘to get rid of’, and ‘undecided’.

  2. Find a home for all of the ‘to keep’ items.

  3. Look for charities that you could donate your unwanted items to, or try selling them online or recycling them. These options might help you get past a sentimental connection that’s forcing you to keep items unnecessarily.

  4. Put the ‘undecided’ items into a box and store them away for six months. If you need to reclaim an item, it’s there – and if you haven’t touched them in six months, you can probably give them away.

Safety Warning

Use biocides safely and always read the product information on the label before use.

decluttering tips

There can be some hidden emotional baggage when it comes to some items, mainly because they remind us of the past. If you can identify the underlying emotional tie, you’ll find it easier to make an objective decision about whether or not to keep a certain item.

Spring Cleaning Tips – Getting it All Done

Sometimes it’s hard to find a big enough break in our diaries to spring clean our house in one big hit. It’s just as effective to spread the serious cleaning session over the month instead. Just make sure that you break the tasks into logical batches, starting with decluttering, then intensively cleaning one or two rooms at a time.

Remember to keep the rooms well ventilated while you’re spring cleaning with cleaning products. Make sure you’re always wearing protective clothing, safe in the knowledge that you’ll feel amazing when it’s all done.

  • Create a spring cleaning checklist on paper to get your big clean organised.

  • Don’t stress about getting it done in one day. Feel free to stagger it across multiple days, or even a month, with smaller cleaning sessions.

  • Before you begin cleaning, it’s a good idea to declutter.

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