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How to Clean Your Fridge

Cleaning a fridge may sound like a serious time commitment, but with the help of this how to guide, you can get in and out without any hassle!


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It is easier to maintain a clean fridge with daily upkeep. However, a deep clean also makes for a fresh start, and seeing the fridge shining and organised will give you the motivation to keep it that way. In this article, we’ll explain how to give your fridge a thorough once-over, with tips on how to maintain it afterwards!

Before you start cleaning the fridge, you might want to change into old clothes and put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. You should also read the instructions for any cleaning products you plan to use.

When it comes to fridge cleaning, make the job easier by being aware of exactly what’s inside! Check for out-of-date food once a week, and keep everything neatly stored and in plain sight.

How to Clean a Fridge in Nine Steps

Step One: Remove all items, disposing of the out-of-date contents and putting containers either in the dishwasher or recycling bin.

Step Two: If you predict the fridge cleaning session will be a long one, you might want to turn off the fridge, depending on whether or not it is combined with the freezer and you want to do both tasks at once.

Step Three: Remove the drawers and shelves for cleaning. If any mess has hardened on them, they will need to be soaked.

Step Four: Use soap and water to clean the individual parts, but be careful with the temperatures. Washing cold glass with hot water can lead to cracking and other damage. Leave to dry, or dry by hand with paper towels, to avoid water marks on the glass or transparent plastic elements.

Step Five: Clean the inside of the fridge. Something like Jif Kitchen Spray is handy to spray straight onto surfaces, and is ideal for removing grease and stubborn stains. Rinse and wipe dry.

Step Six: Put all the shelves and drawers back in their places.

how to clean fridge

Step Seven: Clean the exterior of the fridge, particularly the door handle. If you are cleaning a stainless steel fridge then it is best to use a Jif cloth while cleaning, wiping in the direction of the grain, so as not to damage the surface.

Step Eight: Depending on what the manual for your fridge says, you might want to take this opportunity to change the water filter.

Step Nine: If you’ve turned the fridge off, turn it back on again. Now you can replace all the in-date food.

Organising and Maintaining a Clean Fridge

  • Any home-cooked or unpackaged food should either be kept on covered plates to prevent leaking, or in airtight containers.

  • Clean up any spills when they happen.

  • Wipe down items like sauce bottles and jam jars before storing them, so they don’t cause a mess.

  • Remove any food either by its use-by date, or when it starts to go bad. Keep an eye on fruit and dairy products in particular.

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