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How to defrost your fridge & freezer?

Get tips for the quickest way to defrost a freezer and how to defrost a fridge to keep them in the best condition and clean them without damaging them.



One thing that we should all take care to do, and often forget, it to defrost and clean out our fridge and freezer to avoid a build-up of ice. Here are some top tips for how to defrost a freezer so that you can get the job done properly without damaging your freezer.

Products like Jif are the best way to clean up after you defrost freezer and fridge interiors but ensure you remove all traces of chemicals before putting food back in.

How to defrost a fridge

You may not know how long to defrost a fridge might take, but there are easy steps to keep it as quick as possible.

  1. Switch off your fridge, leaving the door open.

  2. The best time to defrost your fridge is when it is empty, but if you have any left-over food, be sure to pop it into a cool box to keep it from going off.

  3. Take out any shelves and drawers to clean them down.

  4. Wait until all the ice has melted away, then dry out the interior and clean it down.

  5. Pop the shelves back in and turn your fridge back on, ready to be used again.

How to defrost a freezer

The quickest way to defrost a freezer is to keep things simple and let it do it on its own.

  1. Switch off your freezer.

  2. Make sure that the whole freezer is empty, remove any left-over food and all the drawers.

  3. Place down newspaper or old towels to soak up any excess water as it defrosts.

  4. Once the ice has melted, use old towels to dry down your freezer.

  5. Clean down the drawers and inside walls of your freezer, using products like Jif.

  6. Make sure that you clear your freezer of all chemicals before putting the drawers and food back in.

  7. Turn your freezer back on and start using it again.

Safety tips when defrosting your fridge and freezer

  • Be careful when cleaning down after defrosting your freezer to remove all traces of chemicals as they could contaminate your food.

  • If using alternative methods such as hairdryers to speed up the drying process take extra care as electrical equipment and water do not mix.

Now you have some tips for the quickest way to defrost a freezer and how to defrost a fridge, you can be sure to get it done regularly and ensure you don’t damage them in the process.

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* Always turn your fridge or freezer off first.

  • Try to avoid hacking at the ice as you could damage your fridge and freezer.

  • Let ice melt naturally for the quickest defrosting method.

  • Use cleaning products like Jif to clean up after you defrost fridge and freezer interiors.

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