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A Guide To Washing Machine Reviews

Buyers’ reviews can be a deciding factor when you’re shopping for new appliances. Check out our guide to what to look out for in washing machine reviews.


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Reading washing machine reviews is an easy way to find out more about the appliances you’re interested in, and get a clearer idea of if they’re worth spending your money on. But before you just take the word of the Internet for granted, make sure you know what to look for in reviews to ensure you’re making the best buying decision.

Make a list of features you want from your washing machine to narrow down your selections and then read washing machine reviews to make the final call.

How to ensure reviews are trustworthy

Online reviews are a great way to hear the opinions of people who own appliances you’re interested in, but how do you know if they are genuine? The easiest way is to look for balance in the comments: the best washing machine reviews will highlight both pros and cons.

What to look for in front-loader and top-loader washing machine reviews

When reading reviews of washing machines, make sure you look for references to the following features to help you make your decision:

  • Cost: front-loader washing machines normally come with a higher price tag than top-loaders. Take this into account when evaluating which offers the best value for money and don’t forget there are other financial aspects to consider too: such as the water and energy efficiency, and the amount of detergent needed per wash. See if you can find this data in top- and front-loader washing machine reviews by checking details such as the energy rating.

  • Size: pay attention to the physical dimensions of models and make sure they match the available space in your home. If you’re tempted by a top loader, remember to consider where you’d store it to be able to access it. Sliding it under the countertop won’t be a possibility but reading top-loader washing machine reviews should give you an idea of how easy it will be to slot into other common household spaces.

  • Performance: if you’re reading front-loading washing machine reviews and hearing that a model doesn’t deliver on wash performance then it’s an obvious sign to move onto a new model. Pay close attention to comments about wash cycles, ease of use, rinse quality, and the time taken for each wash to complete.

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  • Standard programmes: you want a good range of basic programmes and settings with your washing machine so make sure you read about these in reviews. Consider how important things like a delay start or short cycle option are for you to help you prioritise.

  • Extra features: if you’re someone who commonly finds dropped socks that are meant to be in the wash after the cycle has started, then the ability to add clothes mid-cycle might be highly important to you. Keep an eye out for these sorts of details in any washing machine reviews you read.

  • Longevity: you don’t want to spend money on a big appliance like a washing machine for it to break or need repairing shortly after. Read reviews carefully to look for signs of poor quality or common faults and breakages. Don’t forget to consider the length of the warranty too.

Making your final decision based on washing machine reviews

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to pick your model and go through with a purchase. Try to read an equal number of front- and top-loading washing machine reviews to ensure you’re being fair to each model and remember to consider the features and thoughts of others against your own demands and budget requirements.

  • List the features you want in a washing machine by what is vital and what is optional

  • Set yourself a budget

  • Visit trusted review websites to see what others say about your shortlisted models

  • Make a list weighing up the pros and cons of your favourite models

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