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How to remove makeup from clothes

Learn how to remove makeup from clothes with our easy-to-follow plan and top tips.



Key steps

Remove makeup from clothes by following our key steps:

  1. Act quickly.

  2. Scrape, brush or blot away excess.

  3. Work your cleaning solution into the stain – test on a small area first.

  4. Wash on a usual cycle in your machine – always read the care label.

Scrape, blow, brush, or wipe off as much of the stain as soon as you can. That’ll make the task of getting makeup off clothes with a good detergent, like OMO, much easier!

Makeup looks much better on your face than on your clothes! Sometimes, though, it finds its way onto things it shouldn’t. Learning how to remove makeup from clothes and acting quickly makes it easy to make those stains disappear. Use our top tips and you’ll be able to get rid of makeup stains on clothes in no time.

How to get makeup off clothes

What removes makeup from clothes? Use our easy to follow step-by-step process to get makeup out of clothes, whatever the stain:

  1. Scrape or brush off as much of the excess makeup as possible.

  2. Blot at fresh stains with a tissue.

  3. Use your chosen solution and gently work it into the stain with your thumb and finger – always test on an inconspicuous area first when using new solutions.

  4. Use a soft brush and gently scrub the stain.

  5. Place your clothes in the washing machine – always follow the care label instructions.

  6. Don’t dry clothes in the tumble dryer – when it comes to getting makeup off clothes, this could cause the stain to set in. Air-drying in the sun is ideal if it suits your garment.

Specific makeup stains

Whether you’re rushing for work or a night out, it’s easy to drip, spray or wipe a little makeup on your outfit by accident. When it comes to knowing how to get makeup out of clothes when it’s a particular type of stain, there are specific methods you can try. Here’s how to tackle some of the more common mishaps:

  • Clean eye makeup off clothes: apply a little detergent and blot to remove eyeliner and mascara – OMO detergent is more than up to the job, as it’s so powerful on stains.

  • Remove makeup from clothes stained by lipstick: hairspray can work well – simply spray on the stain, let it sit for 10 minutes and then dab with a wet cloth. Ice cubes are another great method – rub the ice over the lipstick and the ice will start to break down the satin. The ice method is also well worth a try on liquid eyeliner and concealer stains.

  • Clean powder makeup off clothes: the best solution for powder foundation, blusher and eye shadow makeup stains on clothes is detergent – dab it on, gently scrub and say bye-bye to the stain.

With a little patience, a cool head and the right method, getting makeup off clothes is quite straightforward. Now that you know how to remove makeup stains from clothes, you’ll be able to get the job done. Act quickly and decisively and those stains will soon disappear.

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