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5 backyard landscaping ideas on a budget

Create a low budget and stylish outdoor space with our collection of cheap garden ideas.



Key steps

Implement your best backyard landscaping ideas on a budget by following our key steps:

  1. Take a good look around your garden to see what you could refurbish.

  2. Be creative with your plant selection and placement.

  3. Look at under-used hanging spaces like trees, walls and fences.

  4. Use lighting and paint to create a stylish feel.

Are you thinking about renovating your backyard and want to come up with some funky looks? Re-styling is a great way of freshening up your outdoor space, and with a little creativity, you don’t have to spend the earth.

Here are our top five backyard landscaping ideas on a budget.

The best cheap landscaping ideas often come from creative thinking. Try potting some flowers in an old watering can or welly boot for a rustic look.

1.     Using plants for landscaping ideas on a budget

One of the best garden landscaping ideas is to be clever with your plant positioning and selection. It’s amazing what can be done. Setting up a colour scheme in one area of your garden really makes a feature of it.

You could also carefully place a row of plants opposite each other to create your very own natural garden path. Plants are bright, relatively inexpensive and oh-so versatile – perfect for creative landscaping.

2.     Repurposing backyard landscaping ideas

Repurposing when you’re looking for landscaping ideas on a budget will not only save you cash it’ll give you a unique look too. Rather than heading to the garden store to buy new ornaments, planters, containers and other decorative pieces, check out what you’ve already got lying about.

Freshening up old garden furniture, sprucing up tired-looking pots, and bringing a battered watering can back to life can all add a touch of chic to your garden. Old tyres are among the most creative backyard landscaping ideas – hang or lean one up against a wall and fill it with flowers for a unique touch.

3.     Freshen up your backyard with a lick of paint

If you’re looking for the cheapest of cheap garden ideas, paint is right up there. Although it may be low on cost, it can make a huge impact. Try alternating colours on fence panels for a striped effect, a stencilled mural on a wall, or just splashing some colours on your pots and planters – paint can turn any dull garden into a freshly styled area.

4.     Look upwards for cheap garden ideas

Sometimes all it takes to implement clever backyard landscaping ideas is to take a good look around at potential areas for development. One of the best, and often unused, methods is to look up. Hanging baskets, climbers and lights in a tree – look skywards and you’ll see plenty of opportunities to create new styles.

5.     Using lights to brighten up cheap landscaping ideas

A carefully thought out string of lights on a fence, some solar wall lights, or planting lights in your flower beds can lift all of your garden landscaping ideas. Lights can highlight the space and bring your garden to life when the sun goes down. On their own or as part of an existing plan, garden lights can make a huge difference at night.

There you have it – five amazing garden landscaping ideas. All of them will help you get a look that you love, without breaking the bank. Take them as inspiration to create your own designs and have some fun in the process!