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How to Clean Your BBQ Grill

We all love a BBQ, so make sure your grill is in top shape before you start serving! Learn how to clean your BBQ grill and keep your summer meals sanitary here.


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No matter what type of grill you have, it is important to keep it clean. While the immediate rewards are not as tasty as cooking with it, the process doesn’t have to be difficult. It is always safer and more fun to cook with a clean BBQ grill.

Before starting the job of BBQ cleaning, it is best to prepare. So, wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit messy, be sure to read all the safety information for the grill and the cleaning products you’re going to use, and wear any protective gear that might be needed, such as a good pair of gloves.

Cleaning up soon after you use it makes the BBQ cleaning process a lot easier – so don’t be tempted to leave it until another day!

Three Steps for a Clean BBQ Grill

Step One: Prepare the grill

Though you don’t want to try BBQ cleaning when the grill when it is still burning hot, it helps to heat it up for about twenty minutes and let it cool before cleaning, or to clean it up soon after use. This stops any mess from drying on hard, and makes it easier to remove.

Step Two: Dismantle

Cleaning a BBQ grill is much simpler when you do it in parts. Remove the cooking grates, and soak any tools you have used. The dip tray will need to be cleaned, but dispose of any grease in the bin rather than the sink, where it may cause blockages. Be especially careful of the grease, as it can cause painful burns if it splashes while hot.

Step Three: Scrub

There really isn’t any way of avoiding this part, but with any luck the previous two steps will make this one a lot quicker. Depending on what sort of grill you have, you may want to use a coil brush. You can either clean the items with soapy water or a commercial cleaning product.

A quick clean is probably enough when you are using the grill regularly, but before putting it away for the summer it is worth doing a deep clean so that you’ll have a clean BBQ grill, good as new and ready to use next year.

If you choose the latter, be sure it is one made specifically for the task, such as Jif Oven & BBQ cleaner. The best thing about this Jif spray is that it is fume free! If you haven’t used the BBQ cleaner on the grill before, you should test it on a small, inconspicuous area first – just in case. Make sure that the items are dry before replacing them, and consider applying a polish to the metal ones to prevent rusting. Ensure you follow all safety instructions carefully, and wear protective glasses!

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