Got yourself in a bit of a mess? The Cleanipedia Skill for Amazon Alexa can get you out of it.

Whether it’s a tough stain on your clothes and carpets or cleaning tips for your bathroom, kitchen or furniture – the Cleanipedia Skill for Amazon Alexa can help you solve it.


How it works?

Spilt red wine on your carpet? Don’t panic - simply open the Cleanipedia Skill by saying “Alexa, ask Cleanipedia to remove red wine stains from the carpet.”

Cleanipedia will talk you though the solution, step by step, then send a card to your Alexa App so you can read it anytime on your mobile or tablet.

Unfortunately, until Alexa develops a pair of hands, you'll have to do the cleaning yourself. But with Cleanipedia in your corner, it’ll be a piece a cake.

Frequently asked questions.

  • What can I say to start using Cleanipedia?

    One you’ve enabled the Cleanipedia Skill, you can start using it either by saying “Alexa, open Cleanipedia.” or ask Cleanipedia directly by saying “Alexa, ask Cleanipedia [insert cleaning question].”

  • What can I ask to find tips?

    Once the Cleanipedia Skill is open simply ask her your cleaning question.

    Some example questions:

    • “How do I get red wine stains out of my carpet?”
    • “How do I remove black mould from my walls?”
    • “Can you help me unblock the sink?”

    Or if asking directly, by saying phrases like:

    • “Alexa, ask Cleanipedia how I get rid of red wine stains from my carpet”
    • “Alexa, ask Cleanipedia how I remove mould from my walls”
    • “Alexa, ask Cleanipedia how to unblock the sink?”
  • Why isn’t my Cleanipedia Skill working?

    First, ensure you’ve got the Cleanipedia Skill enabled, if you are unsure follow the steps in the ‘Get the Skill’ section below. Then, get closer to your Amazon Echo or Dot device, and clearly say “Alexa, open Cleanipedia.” Cleanipedia is pronounced “Clean-ee-pee-dee-ya.” If you are still having trouble please send an email to

  • Alexa is speaking too quickly through the step by step cleaning tip – how do I slow her down?

    Try saying “Alexa, repeat” or alternatively Cleanipedia will send you a text version to your Amazon Alexa app, you can find it in the ‘Home’ section.

  • I’m all cleaned up – how do I stop using the Skill?

    You can stop the Cleanipedia Skill at any time, simply say: “Alexa, stop.”

Get the Skill.

Transforming Alexa into a lean, mean cleaning machine is super easy, just:

Search “Cleanipedia” on the Alexa Skill Store using your Alexa App, or

click here

Click the yellow ‘Enable Skill’ button

Start interacting by saying ‘Alexa, open Cleanipedia’ or ask her directly “Alexa, ask Cleanipedia how to unblock the sink?

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