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Bathroom décor ideas that save space – and clean easily

These bathroom storage ideas help to save space and enable easy cleaning – and look great, too!


By Cleanipedia Team

White bathroom cabinet with products

Everyone likes their bathroom to look good, function well and, importantly, be easy to keep clean. When choosing bathroom decor ideas, it’s worth keeping these three elements in mind. Smart design here is about choosing bathroom storage ideas that satisfy all three. In this article we’ll go through some space saving bathroom ideas and discuss how to decorate a bathroom that looks great – while also working well for you and your family.

Opt for functional surfaces and materials that are easy to clean while still looking classy. Enamel works well in most bathrooms; just be sure to have a good enamel cleaning product to hand.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

How to organise bathroom spaces: Four easy tips

  1. Pick easy-to-clean materials: The best bathroom decorating tips often relate to the kind of materials you choose. It’s important to opt for furnishings that are water-resistant and wipe clean. Enamel is a good choice here as it’s extremely easy to clean while still looking classy. Use Cif bathroom cleaners to easily remove splashes and stains.
  2. Declutter bathroom areas and store items by category: Other useful bathroom storage ideas focus on the way you categorise the things in your bathroom. Cleaning is much easier when the space isn’t packed full of things. Keep your items tucked neatly away in cupboards arranged according to category: for example, toiletries in one area, bathrobes in another, toilet paper in its own special space etc.
  3. Opt for light and bright colours: If you’re planning how to decorate a bathroom, it’s also important to consider colours. Fresh, bright shades tend to work best as these rooms often suffer from limited natural light. However, the paler the colour, the easier it is to see marks and stains. To avoid this, keep a spray bathroom cleaner in an easily accessible space and give surfaces an immediate wipe down when required.
  4. Space saving bathroom ideas – towel storage 101: Towels can be a tricky one when you need to declutter bathroom areas. They get left all over the place and can easily start to smell or grow mould if damp . Be sure to have a designated shelf for clean towels and teach everyone in the house to fold them neatly. For those that need a wash, keeping an air-permeable laundry basket in the bathroom will streamline their storage while preventing nasty smells from building up too quickly.

People often think of their bathrooms as a boring functional space, but putting some thought into how to organise bathroom areas and bathroom decor ideas can make a big difference. Plan out the materials, colours and storage solutions that will work for you before starting any project and you’ll reap the rewards with a functional and pleasant space for the whole family. 

Key steps:

  1. Consider surface materials that suit the look you’re going for, but are also easy to clean.
  2. Keep colour schemes light and airy; no one likes to get clean in a place that feels dark and dingy.
  3. If you’re stuck for how to organise bathroom items, start by sorting them by category: toiletries, textiles, cleaning products. 

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