How to keep your best clothes looking newer for longer

Black jeans are a fashion staple, but how can you wash black jeans without fading? Read our step-by-step guidance on washing blacking jeans to learn the tricks.


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Key steps

Keeping your clothes looking newer for longer is all about employing a clothing care strategy and following certain key steps:

  1. Familiarise yourself with clothes washing instructions
  2. Work quickly when you find a stain
  3. Use detergents with long-lasting fragrance to keep clothes smelling nice
  4. Let clothes hang naturally and get air
  5. Use a gentle spin cycle on delicate clothing

Using these easy-to-follow clothes care hints and tips is really going to help you make clothes last longer.

We’ve all got a favourite top or dress, but what can we do to make it last? It’s all about how you approach clothing care. With a few simple clothes care tips you can make your favourites last longer and continue to wear them time after time.

Using an effective detergent from a reputable brand like Surf is vital if you want to make clothes last longer. Just be sure to read the clothes washing instructions before you begin.

Following a clothing care strategy

Caring for clothes and keeping them looking new is more easily achieved if you have a strategy. The two key elements to that are: washing and storage.

1. Washing

How you wash clothes is very important when it comes to clothing care. Remember to:

  • Always follow clothes washing instructions
  • Never wash delicate materials at higher temperatures than recommended
  • Air dry delicate materials
  • Use detergents with long-lasting fragrance like Surf’s Wild Flowers and Morning Dew
  • Keep your washing machine clean

2. Storing

Another key component of clothing care, follow these simple clothes care tips to stay ahead:

  • Make sure clothes are completely dry before storing them
  • Don’t fold or leave laundry in a room with strong smells, such as the kitchen
  • Give clothes room to breathe when hanging them, especially on indoor airers
  • Think about having a clear-out when the wardrobe gets full – clothes that haven’t been out for a while can easily spread a musty smell

Make clothes last longer by removing stains immediately

Strains will really age your clothes quickly. That’s why you need to act fast with pre-treating and immediate washing. Blotting the stain and then rubbing a detergent straight onto the mark is a good start. Use something like Surf’s Sunshine Lemons and Mandarin Flower liquid and you get the added bonus of a long-lasting fragrance too.

Various types of stain are best handled with different pre-treatments, including:

  • Grass – try a paste made from vinegar and baking soda
  • Blood – mix water with unseasoned meat seasoning and lightly scrub
  • Sweat – combine lemon juice and salt, and rub the material together

Before you work on any stain, always read the clothes washing instructions. Test on an inconspicuous area to see if it works, especially if you’re working with a delicate material. Using these easy-to-follow clothes care hints and tips is really going to help you make clothes last longer.

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