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5 favourite ways to use odd socks

No doubt you have often wondered what to do with old socks. Take your pick from these fun, clever and handy DIY ideas.


By Cleanipedia Team

bottles of vinegar and oil covered with socks

They’re one of life’s biggest mysteries, but don’t let those lonely odd socks languish in your drawers, taking up valuable space. Put them to good use with these clever ideas.

1. What to do with old socks: recycle them as dusters

No doubt your home is filled with little nooks and crannies that are awkward to dust. Here is where orphaned socks are oh-so-useful. Simply spray a sock with a homemade cleaning solution to clean tricky spots like between the slats of blinds or along the top of skirting boards.

You could also slip a damp sock over your hand to gently clean the leaves of potted houseplants with big leaves (like rubber plants) to keep them healthy.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

2. Use odd socks to help find and store tiny trinkets

Lost a piece of jewellery or missing pieces of a board game? Placing a sock over the nozzle of your vacuum will help you uncover tiny things like earrings, Scrabble pieces or nuts and bolts without getting them sucked in.

Socks are also great for keeping board game pieces together – just scoop them into a clean sock, and tie a knot in the end before popping them back into the box.

3. Keep counters clean using old socks

If you’re constantly cleaning sticky residue from oils or vinegars that form on your kitchen counters, socks can come to the rescue. Just cut the length to size and pop them over the bottom of the bottle - the sock will absorb any moisture and prevent those pesky rings from forming.

Socks with holes or that are a little worse for wear can be washed and reused as kitchen cloths too.

4. Recycling old socks: turn them into drawer fresheners

Drawer fresheners are a simple and timeless way of keeping your clothes smelling fresh. They’re easy and cheap to make at home at home, though usually involve picking up pre-made organza or cotton bags. However, you can save even more money by using any spare socks you might have lying around. Breathable options like cotton work best.

You could keep it very quick and simple by filling the “toes” of your sock with your chosen scent mix and then tying a knot at the end or make it look a little bit prettier by cutting you sock up into a shape using a pinking shears (square is easiest, but circles work too) and hemming it together.

5. Recycle wool socks by turning them into toys

There are no shortage of ideas online for how to turn your old socks into fun toys for little ones. Some of our favourites include creating cute “socktopuses” by filling the foot of the with scrap fabric, adding buttons for eyes and cutting the longer, thinner part into strips or filling a few different socks with dried beans to create a fun bean bag tossing game.

You could even let older kids go to town with felt, scissors, fabric glue and googly eyes to make their very own sock monsters.

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