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Clothing repair 101: How to mend clothes quickly

Here are tips for you to create an emergency repair kit and mend your outfit while out and about.


By Cleanipedia Team

clothing repair
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We’ve all been there, accidentally pulling a seam or catching our trouser hem and ultimately throwing away perfectly good clothes. Having basic mending skills is crucial to fixing these on the go. Here’s how you can create an emergency sewing repair kit and mend your outfit while you're out and about.

When it comes to clothing repair, you only need a few supplies and knowledge of basic stitches to repair holes or seams and extend the life of your clothes. Keep a small sewing kit handy for quick fixes on the go.

What to include in your sewing repair kit

Knowing how to sew a hole will make your life much easier if you have an accident while out and about and you will need a number of items in your sewing repair kit to help you in those situations. These include:

  • Embroidery scissors

  • Seam ripper

  • A variety of thread shades

  • Pins

  • Needles

  • A small variety of buttons

How to sew a hole

A hole is the most commonly required clothing repair needed, and there are four easy steps to follow:

  1. Make the hole easier to repair: Cut around the hole with embroidery scissors making a neat square or rectangle, ensuring you trim off any loose threads. Cut a ¼ inch notch at a 45° angle at each of the corners and flatten the edges to the inside of the clothing.

  2. Measure and cut out a square of matching fabric: This piece needs to be approximately ½ inch bigger around than the hole.

  3. With the clothing inside out, pin the patch over the hole.

  4. Join the clothing and patch together: Stitch the ironed edges of the hole and the ½ inch of extra fabric from the patch together then use a cross-stitch to finish the edges of the patch and hold the patch in place.

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How to patch jeans

Knowing how to mend clothes when you have an accidental tear is essential, but there are other ways to mend your clothes such as adding an appliqué that will not only mend them, but look great, too. It’s simple:

  • Choose a funky fabric that compliments your clothing; floral, lace and other patterned fabrics look great when matched with denim.

  • Follow the steps above to create a patch of the alternative fabric.

So now you have some ideas for creating your own emergency clothing repair kit and key tips for how to repair clothes you can extend the life of your clothes should accidents occur whilst you are out and about.

  • Create an emergency clothing repair kit.

  • Keep your kit close to hand whenever you leave the house inside your handbag.

  • Be sure to learn basic stitches that will help you extend the life of your clothes.

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