How to keep black jeans from fading

Black jeans are a fashion staple, but how can you wash black jeans without fading? Read our step-by-step guide on washing black jeans to learn the tricks.


how to keep black jeans from fading

Black jeans are a fashion staple. They’ve been around for decades, go with everything, and make just about everyone look great. The only downside is the faded grey look that these trousers can get after only a few washes.

Luckily, here at Cleanipedia, we have a few solutions that will help sort this problem right out. So if you’re wondering how to keep black jeans from fading, read on.

If you want to wash black jeans without fading them Cleanipedia recommends using Surf’s Black Liquid or Capsules, specially formulated to lock in dark colours.

How to wash black jeans without fading them

Step 1: When you’re washing black jeans it’s important to turn them inside out. This helps the colour stay in longer because the action of the water and detergent works primarily on the outer layer (which if turned inside out is the inner layer) and that’s what often causes fading.

Try and get into good habits early on by  either turning your jeans inside out when taking them off or by doing it before you place them into the washing machine. Step 2: If you’re wondering how to wash black jeans you may also ask what items should they be washed with. As you might expect, washing black clothes with other dark items is one way to help your garments retain their colour and stay looking great.

This is because washing similar colours together prevents the mixture of other dyes diluting the colour of black clothes. It also protects your lighter-coloured garments from picking up dark dyes.

Step 3: If you’re still wondering how to keep black jeans black, why not try this nifty tip: wash your jeans in cold water.

It might sound counter intuitive, but it is often the heat of a wash that can cause colours to run or fade. Turn your wash temperature down to preserve your colours – just remember to check your detergent packaging and clothing care label first to see if it is suitable for use on a colder wash.

Step 4: Want one last great tip on how to stop black jeans from fading? Why not try Surf’s special new Black detergent? Not only is it specially formulated to keep black clothes black, but it combines colour fast technology with the intoxicating scent of midnight orchid.

This detergent is available in both liquid and capsule form so you’re free to choose the one that works best for you. As with any new product, it is important that you read the directions on the label before use, follow all safety advice, and store the detergent out of reach of children.

Washing black jeans with confidence

With these tips on washing black jeans, looking after your dark clothes shouldn’t cause you any further concern. Just remember to turn these items inside out before washing, opt for a cooler wash temperature than normal, and use detergent like Surf’s specially formulated black liquid or capsules.

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