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How to keep clothes smelling fresh

From coffee to lavender, check out our simple guide for how to make laundry smell good longer.


By Cleanipedia Team

Key Steps

  • Wash your laundry with a fabric conditioner.

  • Add a sock with essential oils to your dryer to add a touch of freshness.

  • Use odour catchers such as coffee grounds, baking soda or lavender in your drawers and wardrobe

Never leave the house without smelling of roses. Read on to discover our super simple guide for how to keep clothes smelling fresh after washing. If you want to know how to make clothes smell nice first before learning how to keep them fresh, check out our guide for how to remove bad odour from clothes here.

How to keep clothes smelling fresh: tips and tricks

We have a super simple guide for how to keep clothes smelling fresh in drawers and wardrobes from wash to wear.

1. Use fabric conditioner when washing your laundry.

If you’re wondering how to make laundry smell good longer, a good quality fabric conditioner such as Comfort Intense Fresh Sky can help give your clothes a boost of freshness.

2. If you want to know how to make clothes smell good in the dryer, use an old sock.

Make sure it’s a clean one, then add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. We recommend vanilla or peppermint. Pop the sock in the dryer with your laundry to achieve fresh, lovely smelling clean, dry clothes.

Even after you think they’ve stopped smelling, car fresheners still have use! Pop them amongst your clothes to keep them fresh without adding an overpowering scent.

How to keep clothes smelling fresh in storage

Now you know how to make washing smell nice, keep clothes fresh in storage with an odour catcher. A few products (including natural ones!) can help to catch unwanted odours in your wardrobe and drawers, including:

  1. Baking soda

    An open packet of baking soda can help to eliminate damp and reduce odours.

  2. Coffee

    A small container of coffee grounds will soak up nasty smells, just make sure it has holes in the container lid!

  3. Herbs

    Add herbs to a small cotton bag. For the best results we recommend lavender or lemongrass.

  4. Perfume

    A spritz of perfume on cotton balls won’t eliminate odours but it will keep them at bay.

  5. Dryer sheets

    Pop used dryer sheets into the pockets. They may be used, but that doesn’t make them useless!

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

With this simple guide we’ve shown you how to keep clothes fresh from wash to wear in just a few easy steps.

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