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Our favourite laundry tips for large families

Tackling a never-ending pile of washing is a bugbear for most of us with large families. Here, we give you tips to help you win the battle against the laundry load.


By Cleanipedia Team

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For most of us, doing the washing is one of life’s less enjoyable tasks. But basic laundry habits don’t scale well when you’ve got a big gang to care for. If your washing pile resembles a mountain you’re struggling to get on top of, our large family laundry solutions will help you conquer the mighty mound and beat the growing clothes pile.

Nail a regular laundry system

It may never feel like the right time to do laundry, but there are probably certain times, or days, that will work better for you. Use these helpful tips for creating a regular family laundry system that will help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

  • Think about your weekly schedule and consider if you want to do your laundry every day, on particular days, or certain times of the day. Decide which day or time works best for you and try to stick to it.
  • Sort laundry by colours, heavy or delicate fabrics, and level of soiling. Streamlining your laundry by category will make it easier to manage.
  • Have everything you need at hand: washing detergent, fabric conditioner, bleach, pegs, hangers, baskets.
  • Put laundry away as soon as it’s dry. This will avoid the frustrating task of sorting and folding a huge backlog of clean clothes.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

How to wash clothes

This might seem like the straightforward part, but it’s not one method fits all. When you’ve got a large load of laundry to tackle it can be tempting to shove them all in on the same cycle and hope for the best.

Luckily, we’ve put together some top laundry tips to keep your garments looking good as new. And if you find it tricky trying to decipher all the different washing instruction symbols and cleaning symbols, we’ve got that covered too. It’s also worth making sure your machine is clean. Take a look at our easy-to-follow tips for cleaning your washing machine using just vinegar and baking soda.

Top tip: Adding a dry towel to the dryer will absorb some of the moisture and speed up the drying time.

Laundry hacks for the household

Make the laundry process less painful by getting others in your household to help. Even small changes can make a difference.

  • Get children involved in the folding. This might sound ambitious, but could be introduced as part of their chores.
  • Ask children to put their day’s dirty clothes or uniform straight into the machine to save lugging a basket downstairs later on.
  • Use a laundry basket for each child. If you wash by basket-load, it will all go back to the same place afterwards, saving you time on sorting.
  • Is everything really dirty? Children especially love an outfit change, but adults can be guilty of casting clean clothes into the laundry too. If it doesn’t need washing, don’t add to your laundry.
  • Have a bit of a household clothing cull. There’s bound to be a few duplicate items or a piece that’s seen better days. Having less in your wardrobe will mean less laundry to do.

We can’t promise that you’ll start to love the laundry load, but use these helpful hacks and you’ll see how something irksome just got a lot easier.

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