Key steps:

  1. Wash on an eco-setting to save water and money.
  2. Use Surf laundry capsules for a super convenient way to get your laundry done.
  3. Clean the lint filter in the dryer so the warm air can circulate more effectively.

Nobody wants to spend money on cleaning, so learn where to save where you can, so you’ll have more money to spend on the things that you enjoy.

  • Always wash a full load at a time, to extract maximum value from the laundry cycle.
  • Remember to wash lights and darks separately to keep them looking vibrant.
  • Sorting laundry is necessary, but stay on top of this with two separate bags or baskets one for lights and one for darks.
  • The short cycle on the washing machine will be sufficient for most students’ laundry needs, it is faster, and uses fewer resources.
  • Do the wash with cold water. This saves energy, and Surf can be used at low temperatures
  • Make clothes last longer and conserve energy by putting wet shirts on hangers. Then you can hang them up and let them dry naturally. The creases will drop out, so less ironing – hooray!
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