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Children's book storage ideas

Here we explain how to keep books in your children’s rooms for them to grab whenever they want, as well as how to store books if you’re packing them away.


By Cleanipedia Team

box of children's books and toys

Key steps

1.     Decide whether you want to store the books so they are accessible or pack them away for use in future years.

2.     If you want them to be accessible, decide between book boxes, shelves and other options.

3.     If you’re packing them away, be sure to wrap them in protective material beforehand and avoid leaving them anywhere damp.

Storing children’s books in a visible and accessible way will encourage your kids to get excited about them, and even start picking them up and read for themselves! Even when they outgrow bedtime stories, children’s books have so many memories attached to them that you might want to keep a few favourites to revisit every now and again. Here we’ve got some handy ideas on children’s book storage that will keep your kids’ literary treasures within reach of children as well as some long-term storage ideas to help keep them safe and in good condition for many years to come.  

If you don’t have much space for books at home, head down to your local library to borrow new books every week!

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Children’s book storage ideas when you want your library to be easily accessible

Looking for book storage ideas that aren’t about packing them all away and keeping them out of sight? Here are a few different ways of displaying your favourite books in an orderly fashion:

1.     A book box. Libraries often put oversized children’s books in big wooden boxes, so why not try this at home? Get yourself some wooden dividers, too, if you want to keep them ordered by title or author.

2.     Bookshelves. Alternatively put up some shelving to house your book collection. Make sure this is at child height, however, so they can reach them if they want.

3.     Platform displays. Have some firm favourites? Try displaying your books leaned up against the wall on platform displays. This will always remind little ones of the joys of reading.

How to store books in the loft or other long-term storage space

If you decide to pack books away, doing so carefully can prevent any long-term damage. Be sure to wrap books in waterproof paper before putting them in boxes. Opt for plastic boxes rather than cardboard as these are more moth proof. Never leave books anywhere damp or prone to flooding and be sure to check them once in a while for any signs of damage.

Safety tip!

Books can be very heavy so never store large boxes full of books high up where they could fall onto children (or you!) and cause damage.

Book storage ideas for small spaces

Not got much space, but still want to keep your kids’ favourite books around?

  • Prioritise – pick a few of your child’s favourites to always keep nearby.
  • Give away those you don’t read and concentrate on just a few.
  • Store books in otherwise unused spaces by putting up shelving on vacant wall space.
  • Try putting books in shallow boxes that fit under the bed.

Those are our top children’s book storage ideas, whether you want them to be ready and waiting whenever you need, or if you’re keeping them as mementos for the next generation. Remember: by putting in a bit of thought into their storage, you’ll keep your precious books in good condition for longer, so your whole family can enjoy these treasures for years to come.

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