The ideal family chore chart to take control of housework this Mother's Day

Get tips for Mother’s Day cleaning and learn to make a chore chart for kids so mum has a break.


Blue mug and saucer on wooden table with to do list for kids chores

As parents, we work tirelessly to keep our children healthy and safe – and a clean, tidy house is a big part of that. But it doesn’t just have to be mum and dad who tackle the dishes or get out the hoover. Kids of all ages can take part in household chores to give their parents a rest and our tips on creating a family chore chart for Mother’s Day cleaning will help you do just that.

Can you think of a better Mother’s Day gift?

The easiest way to stop mum cleaning on Mother’s Day is to create a family chore chart in advance. Get everyone involved in completing household chores throughout the year for a real treat!

How to create a chore chart for kids

Creating a family chore chart can not only give mum a break on Mother’s Day but also help keep your house organised all year round.

Here are some house chores that are great for popping on your chore chart for kids.

1. Bedroom

From the start of the day until bedtime, the easiest chores for kids are in their own bedroom. Get them to:

  • Make their bed.
  • Put dirty washing in the laundry basket.
  • Tidy up any loose books and toys.

2. Kitchen

Whether you’re planning ahead for Mother’s Day or getting kids involved on the day itself, there are plenty of easy kitchen chores. Get them to:

  • Put food shopping away (they may need some help depending on their age).
  • Make mum breakfast in bed (with adult supervision and avoiding any hazards).
  • Wash or dry dirty dishes.

3. Shared areas

It would be great to give mum a rest from cleaning and some time with her family on Mother’s Day so make sure you set up a family chore chart that includes shared areas like the living room too. Get kids to:

  • Dust and clean surfaces. Think window sills, the TV and any shelving.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor (depending on their age).
  • Tidy away any toys or personal items that often clutter coffee tables.

After delegating household chores to kids, a great way to ensure that they will do them is to add a reward section to the family chore chart. This is also a great way to add the chores to kids’ daily routines as they’ll look forward to the reward!

Should you create a chore chart for adults too?

Yes! Even adults need a reminder sometimes. Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday and there a few household chores a lot of people will traditionally do at the weekend so why not add a few reminders for your grown-up children or even you and your partner.

These could include:

  • Changing towels and bath mats in the bathroom.
  • Changing everyone’s bed linen – kids can help with this for their own beds.
  • Cleaning the oven – this should be done every 3 months or so and, as March is 3 months into the year, it’s the perfect way to get into a regular schedule.
  • Cleaning the fridge – wipe daily, check food dates weekly, and deep clean monthly.

Now you have some great ideas for adding house chores to a family chore chart you can make sure you stop mum cleaning on Mother’s Day while still keeping the house spick and span!

Safety Warning

Always choose age-appropriate household chores for kids. Anything involving sharp objects or strong chemicals is best left to adults.

Key Steps

  • Always choose age-appropriate household chores.
  • Consider health and safety when making a family chore chart – such as what products might need to be used and any risks or hazards that might be encountered.
  • Make a chore chart for adults too as. We all need the odd reminder.

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