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First trimester to-do list: tips for first-time mothers

The first trimester is an exciting time for mums-to-be. However, expecting a baby can be overwhelming. Read on for some useful tips for first-time mothers!


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key Steps

Remember these golden rules to preparing for your first trimester:

  1. Visit your doctor to arrange scans, discuss pregnancy supplements, and work out your expected due date!

  2. Start researching how to have the best pregnancy for you - look at things like your diet, exercise, and parental leave options. Read our guide to having your first baby for more advice.

  3. Get your partner involved and don't forget the importance of father-baby bonding in the first trimester.

  4. Start writing a shopping list for the baby essentials you'll need. 

The feeling of finding out you're pregnant is one that will stay with you for the rest of your life! You’ll be filled with excitement, anticipation and, already, a whole lot of love. To help you step into action and start preparing for your first trimester, we’ve put together these useful tips for first-time mothers!

Learning about how to prepare for the baby will take most of your time during the first trimester, but don’t forget something important – your health and well-being! Take some time just for you to relax.

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What to expect in the first trimester

In your first trimester, which is the first three months of pregnancy (from week 1-12), your baby is going to be in the very earliest stages of growth. You can expect symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, constipation, and many more. They’re all normal! Your body is going to suddenly be home to a flood of hormones, which are all ready to change the way you feel and look.

You may start to put on some weight and could even get a little bump showing, so don’t be anxious about this. Weight gain in pregnancy is perfectly normal – in fact, it’d be more worrying if you didn’t gain a few pounds!

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Pregnancy tips: first trimester

Planning what to do in the first trimester is important. There are a ton of things you need to be sorting out – but don’t worry, it’s not an impossible list! Break down each action and take every task one by one to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • Start taking prenatal vitamins.

  • Find the right doctor for you.

  • Book your first lot of prenatal screenings and tests.

  • Begin preparing for the baby checklist! Learn about all the baby and maternity essentials you’ll need and write them down.

  • Create a budget to factor for all the baby costs.

  • Read about what things to avoid in early pregnancy.

  • Start the switch to baby-friendly products: for example, change your usual laundry products for kind-to-skin detergents and hypoallergenic fabric softeners. Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure are gentle options on the baby’s delicate skin and yours!

Is it safe to fly when pregnant in the first trimester?

It’s perfectly safe! In fact, it’s safe throughout pregnancy, though most airlines have a cut-off point to avoid the chance of any premature labours aboard their flight.  Don’t be afraid to book a holiday during your first trimester!

Learning what to expect in the first month of pregnancy is one of the best ways you can prepare for your little one’s growth. It’s also important to remember to stay calm, avoid getting too stressed and enjoy your pregnancy. It’s a wonderful time, so make sure you don’t miss it because you’re too wrapped up in your to-do list.

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