Flying the nest: Tips for moving out of your parent’s house

Get tips for moving out for the first time such as cleaning routines and how to live on your own.


Pink telephone and building blocks that read 'home' to symbolise moving out for the first time

Key Steps

Remember these key lessons for moving out:

  • Buy essentials including a bed, seat, kitchenware and dining products.
  • Set up a routine with alarms to wake you up and no crazy late nights.
  • Make sure you keep on top of your cleaning and use good quality products.
  • Keep your new home organised by grouping products and utilising storage.

Moving away from home means you finally have a bit more independence – but you also have to figure out what routines really work for you. Follow our helpful advice to learn how to move out of your parent’s house; including tips for cleaning routines, key things you need when moving out, and learning how to cope with living on your own.

Don’t forget to wash your dirty laundry. Using good quality products like Persil and Comfort will ensure your clothes are not only clean but smell great too.

Key things you need when moving out of your parent’s house

Living on your own is a big step. If you read our previous article on moving out of your parent’s house, you can find more tips for the practical considerations of moving out for the first time. However, there are some essentials that you’ll need in your new home.

  1. Somewhere to sit. Buy a sofa, armchair or even a giant beanbag depending on your budget. The most important thing is that you have somewhere to relax.
  2. Somewhere to sleep. Although a sleeping bag and blow up bed may work for a short while, you need a good quality bed and mattress to get the best sleep which is important for your health.
  3. Products for cleaning. You need these both for yourself and your home. Stock up on shampoo, body wash, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner and more.
  4. Storage. This includes everything from somewhere to tidy away your clothes to a shelf or cabinet to store movies and books.
  5. Kitchenware. You need items in your kitchen to ensure that you can make tasty and healthy meals and cleaning up afterwards. Don’t forget washing-up liquid either!
  6. A dining set. Being able to make meals is one thing, but you also need to make sure you can eat them. As well as plates and bowls, invest in cutlery, mugs, and glasses.

Top tips for how to live on your own

Knowing you’re moving out of your family home can be daunting. These tips will help you make sure moving out for the first time will be successful.

  • Keep your new home organised: Utilise the space as best you can by grouping similar products together and investing in storage baskets.
  • Get into a routine: Make sure you get up at the same time each day and don’t go to bed late as this could affect your mood and motivation.
  • Create a cleaning chart: As long as you keep on top of everything, you will be able to handle living on your own. Know what needs cleaning and spread the tasks out over the week so it doesn’t feel too much. Use good quality products like Cif and Domestos to keep everything sparkling and germ free.

Now you have some great tips for living on your own and well as essential things you need when moving out you can move out knowing you are well prepared.

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